i am embarrassed..

  1. I am such a fan of dior that my purse is dior, my bracelet is dior and my only designer shoes are dior, even my cellphone has a dior charm , dior keychain and dior wallet and my dog has a few dior shirts that's too big for him(from baby dior collection), etc..

    SO today at work, my co-worker saw I just had a hair cut and asked me where I got it. Before I said anything, my other co-worked chipped in, " Betcha you gonna say Christain Dior hair salon with dior coloring."

    I was embarrassed about my utter addiction and I had a good laugh. :yahoo:Anyone else living in so much addiction that people tease you?
  2. cute/rude.

    i'm way into bags, but not any one designer (i'm a whore), so people do tease me about the cost, etc. it's sort of lame, but i rather live with that than ugly bags. haha!
  3. :roflmfao:
    well if you did your hair using the same bunch of stylists they use for dior shows and it was the same products on thos dior models that was used on your hair.....

    i kid, i kid!

    i'm too poor to be togged in head to toe designer (or one designer for that matter), so the only teasing i remotely get is for my slight purse obsession.
  4. I'd go to a Dior salon and get Dior hair color if I could! :smile: At least you have great taste! :smile:
  5. Does this person know you well? Is this someone you can joke w/ or was she totally being rude?
    In any case, I bet you look fantastic!
  6. My friends always tease me about my designer bags and clothes. But it is all in fun. If it was a stranger was saying those things i would feel they were being rude.

  7. ... slight ... :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: sorry Millie you know i :heart: you but "slight" is a big understatement from your part hihih
  8. jeslyn if she is just a coworker she was 70% rude and 30% jealous :p if she is a good friend i would accept it as sort of nice teasing ...

    as i am not tied up to one designer im just a purse addict big time my coworkers ask em every week if i got a new bag cos they all want to see it and my accountant even got worried what happens if somebody steals them and told me to insure them ! :yes:
  9. lol.. dont worry girls. My co-worked laughed so hard at her own joke that she choked on her yogurt, I am pretty it was just good-humored joke.

    Nataliam1976, I am so into dior, I have only 2 designer purses that I actually kept that are not dior(YSL on sale from outlet and that is my Birkin's purse, Birkin is my dog's name) wait till I upload the photos.

    I have never managed to love any other designer as dearly. DIOR is my love :heart:
  10. My co-workers have dubbed me "Fendi". I think telling them that my collection is equal parts Dior and Fendi with dashes of other designers will only serve to provoke more ridicule. :sweatdrop: :push:

    Depending on who said it to you and in what tone, that comment could be seen as rude or friendly jest. I vote rude/jealous. But you were there.

    Enjoy the bags! There are worse addictions.
  11. AWWW!

    My friends know that I have this crazy obsession with Dior bags and accessories, so they tease me from time to time for fun about it :biggrin:

    And yeah, if there is a Dior hair salon, I'd definitely go! Maybe they can put logos in my hair!!!
  12. lol guess what i have to have fake gel nails otherwise i just bit them until they disappear ! and my nail beautician ordered "Dior" logo made especially for fake nails ( she will have chanel logo a well ...) u bet i will demand to have them put on ! :yahoo: