I am convinced that men are colorblind.

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  1. We always have the same disagreement over colors.

    My husband will insist:

    something dark navy blue is black.
    something olive color is either brown or grey.
    some dark oranges are red.

    is it just my guy? does anyone else go through this? I'm curious to hear from our brothers on the forum especially.....
  2. I've never met a man who did that, but my mom does this all the time. We always argue whether something is green or grey, red or orange. :confused1:
  3. I would argue they are just blind... Period! :supacool:
  4. My dad is the same! He always calls the orange towel brown, it annoys me so much, lol!
  5. My husband calls certain purples pink and some blues purple. I know what you mean.
  6. Bags, he might actually be color blind...the most common colors are orange/red and blue/green...it's not that they can't actually see the colors, its the shades they can not distiguish. My grandmother was color blind and would never buy or wear those colors in clothing, bedding, etc because she said she couldn't tell if the matched.
  7. My SO always ask me if something that is dark blue is really black.
  8. My boyfriend sees two different colors between both eyes. One eye sees a more red tint to everything, while the other one sees more green. But with both eyes, we don't argue which color is which, except for the fact that everything is more orange for him than it is for me, but he has always noticed a great difference between the both.

    I used to work at an optometrist, and I asked the ODs there if this was possible, and they said yes. I think statistically, more men are completely colorblind than women. I used to know two guy friends that only saw black and white, but no girls. Strange.. haha
  9. My brother is actually diagnosed colour blind...he can't see many shades - so purple is blue to him. Though he's missing the colour brown completely because anything that is brownish is just green to him.
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    I have this "argument" all the time with my SO, but he is actually colourblind but for some strange reason will just not own up to it. I ask him questions about what he sees because I think it's fascinating to see the world in a completely different way, and I try to imagine it. But whenever I ask him more than once about a colour and then correct him, he'll be like "yeh, that's what I see too. it was just in the shade/dark". yeh right!

    I remember in grade 10 or 11 science class, we had to work with mixing chemicals and changing them to different colours or working with different coloured flames or something, and our teacher gave each of us a card that said what the different colours mean. Only thing is he gave the boys one set of cards and the girls another set; he said girls and boys see colours slightly differently, like a blueish green looks more purplish blue to boys, etc. But that girls see the correct colours.
  11. I'm colorblind. No kidding. First diagnosed in kindergarten and then again as a 30something adult.

    I can't tell light tans/blues/grays/sagey greens and lighter oranges/reds/peaches from each other. Never could. It's apparently so unusual for a female to be colorblind that my eye doctor has a poloroid of me smiling and pointing (in a silly way) to those cards with the dotted numbers they use for color testing.

    Since it's monogenic we had my daughter tested. She's ok.
  12. I wish I could remember what the heck the name of the condition is that causes it. I am trying to google it but having no luck. It's some kind of cone dystophy. Beats the heck out of me for the moment...
  13. My husband is somewhat like this. He'll put two blacks together that are not the same black and he won't see it. We argue about turquoise like colors being either green or blue. Part of it is that women have more 'range' of what they know of colors too... We're into persimmon and apricot and they're like - it's orange.
  14. my bf is somewhat colorblind. He can't tell the difference between dark colors like dark blue and gray, everything just looks black to him. There are a few more colors he can't tell apart but I just can't think of them right now
  15. they are either color blind and/or they don't care