I am considering a Flat Messenger...any pros, cons?

  1. I really need a messenger, and from the browsing I have done, I prefer the strap on the flat messenger b/c it is the same as the bag, unlike the other messengers I have seen. I have my eye on a blue one and am not sure if I should get it. I have done a search here and haven't found anything much. I'd love to see a pic irl on someone if they happen to have it. Thanks so much! :smile:
  2. Pros -Gorgeous!! :heart:
    Cons - Strap is way too short to wear comfortably cross body although I am 5 10" - Perhaps a person who is not as tall could pull it off. :shrugs:
  3. I have one in sandstone and I love it. I'm 5'5" and have no problem wearing it cross-body. There are 5 different settings and I put it on the second to shortest -- I find this works well for both carrying it over the shoulder or messenger-style. It is extremely lightweight and comfortable.

    The only possible con I experience is that the bag is very flat, so is not great if you need to fit a lot. For me, it's find because I like flat bags and don't need to carry a huge amount. For comparison purposes, it fits a bit less than the city.
  4. Check out these threads for pics:



    I have this exact bag too, so let me know if you'd like me to take some of mine.

    Pros: Cute styling, can be worn on shoulder or messenger style (I'm 5'4"), strap is adjustable

    Con: It's flat and small - doesn't hold a whole lot, and some people don't like the way it lies against the body.

  5. i love the look but i don't think it's right for me, i tend to brough a lot of things and the flat will bulk and look ugly if i fill it with many objects IMO
  6. Intersting thread as I was contemplating one too but I too am five foot 10 so it was interesting to see the comments about it being too short!

    I do think its a gorgeous bag though so if it sits well then I think its a great bag to get - go for it
  7. P.S. There's a bleu glacier one on diabro.net for $841 right now. They are a great retailer to deal with.
  8. Thanks everyone for all the info, especially the links to the threads, don't know how I missed those in a search, doh! Those two bags are awesome, very pretty!

    I am 5' 8", so I am a bit worried about the length....whmmm. I think I am leaning on buying one though, with crossed fingers...:sweatdrop:

    Anyway, thanks again:smile:
  9. If you don't like the flat look of the messenger, how about consider getting a part-time?

    Check out cracker modeling the part-time over shoulder and cross body. She rocks this look! :yes:I believe she mentioned that she's 5'5".





  10. hmmm.....it's another kinda of look but i'm not a fan of this style either....as if i stuff too much things, it doesn't fit well when i sling it.....eg, i have a prada sling bag, it applies the same........:smile: