I am bit torn ...need opinions

  1. I have these shoes that I think would work with Amarante clutch (sunset) but it's kind of a frivolous purchase. Should I get it or should I not? I included some Amarante Sunset pics (not mine) just for comparison. What does everyone think? a) is it a good match? b)Is the bag practical if I wear it with anything else other than these shoes? I am not matchy matchy but I like when things work together. I suppose I could get Rosewood bag to go with the shoes but I like Rosewood in Pomme, not in Amarante.
    IMGP0666.JPG Sunset.jpg Sunset Boulevard.jpg
  2. Cool shoes. I think they'd look great together. I have Rosewood in both Pomme and Amarante and I love 'em both.
  3. I think they'd look great together !
  4. wow it looks so good together ... soooo beautiful.
  5. I really like! I want those shoes too!
  6. Wow, that's an incredible match! They really compliment each other.
  7. You should totally get it! It looks like that match was made in heaven! Love it!
  8. woo nice shoes..perfect match
  9. Oooo... can I borrow them?
  10. a)They go perfectly well together. b) It's a great evening bag with card slots and compartment for change. However, practicality wise, I think Rosewood may be more practical. Much bigger compartment space. Rosewood looks better in Amarante IMO.
  11. What else other than cc and change that fits into Sunset? I don't really have an evening bag but it does have very limited use... As for Rosewood, I like it a lot but I thought that Pomme looks better than Amarante, maybe I should go back and look at both again.. Don't know, it's so hard to make a decision and my b-day is coming up too so I definitely want to make the right decision :confused1:
  12. They look very nice together but I don't think you should get it. You always seem to post some negative or condescending comment re: LV bags. Just my honest opinion.
  13. They look nice together! You should get them if you really love them enough.
  14. Hmmm...probably just keys, cellphones and some makeup. It's a beautiful bag but just not practical to me. As for Rosewood, you can dress up or dress casually with this bag. Both Pomme and Amarante looks equally great. However, Amarante looks good as an evening bag IMO if you know what I'm trying to say and it matches your shoe most importantly.lol. In the end, it's up to you.

    Try have a look at them in store again and compare them side by side. I'm sure you'll choose a great birthday present for yourself when that time comes!
  15. I don't think it's really practical, but I guess if you're an evening bag type of gal...go for it.