I Am Banned Lol

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  1. I may join Louboutin Annonymous LOL because girlsl after this last 2 weeks I am BANNED!!!!!!!


    Now I know I have 1 shoe on my wishlist and if its still available next month then I will get it! LOL
  2. Girl you crack me up! You are banned for the best reason!! You got your HG's~!~~
  3. Enjoy your ban!

    I am supposed to be banned but I keep looking anyway. When the shoes I have on pro-order get in I am banned!
  4. i need to be on a ban with you. i have VPs coming this week and that's it! i was already good and passed on the BEST pair of light grey iowas that were a good price. oh man i wanted them!
  5. hlfinn~I woulda bought those ban or not!!! they were an EXCELLENT deal... for the first time in life I think i wished I was a 40 LOL
  6. I'm joining you soon Noe! I've been wanting the python Fontanete, and my SA at NM has them on hold for me to try out tomorrow. If I end up getting them, I really have to be on a ban.
  7. Thanks for the support ladies... so don't post any tempting deals that you KNOW I can't resist LOL
  8. eee! don't say that! lol. i know they were such a good deal! feh! so mad! i was debating and debating and someone else bin'd.

    does it count as a ban if i'm thinking about keeping shoes i have listed to sell? LOL.
  9. ^^^ i think you are safe with keeping the shoes you already have LOL but you cannot secretly acquire anymore!!! Even if they are a supposedly gift:whistle:
  10. Oh you're making me feel really bad now. I'm in the first week of my ban and I've blown it already :rolleyes:. My self control when it comes to shoes has completely gone this year :nogood:.
  11. chins~ I have to admit that you have blown your ban... can you still call it a BAN LOL :lol:

    If you all want I can be the BAN watcher and keep you in line LOL
  12. Please be my ban watcher - I need policing :police:
  13. I pretty much almost banned too. I just need my HG (nude patent VPs) and I'm done for a while.
  14. Welcome to the "Ban" group. lol
  15. Welcome to my world. Take a seat, have a drink, it's gonna be a looooong wait.. :drinkup: