I am addicted!! H&D pepper and onion relish

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  1. I love this stuff! I used to only get it once in awhile when I went to the mall. But now that I found they carry it in a four pack at costco I have gone a bit overboard. It works so well as a dip, with pasta, eggs, you name it!
  2. So I just realized today that I have a bottle of this stuff sitting in a cabinet... and it has probably been tehre for months, lol...I don't think it goes bad since i thasn't been opened... what kind of recipes do you use it for? Just pour it on pasta? Or mix it into eggs? Or do you do something more recipe-like with it?
  3. No receipes per se, with pasta, I put a little cream cheese and some relish, with eggs, on the side....I have been using it when ever I don't have a sauce...I just whip something up with that.
  4. woooo that sounds good.... YUM!!!

    yes why not just buy 4 - it saves $$ and you have a family to feed anyway!! :graucho:

    i shuld get that for my dad. sounds like something he'd like!
  5. Mix it with cream cheese and it makes a very yummy dip.