I almost fainted at the Barneys Outlet!

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  1. Was at the outlet mall this week and popped into the Barney's Outlet to check out the goods. Nothing caught my eye but I still went carefully through all the shelves and at the 30% off display rack, dutifully poked through the bags when suddenly shiny silver pushlock hardware caught my eye!

    Pushing the other bags in front of it aside, I pulled out, to my utter amazement, a brand new Marc Jacobs Stella in peacock!!!! Excitedly, I checked the zippers (correct) and without thinking, pulled at the security clip for a better look at the nameplate, setting off the security tag alarm! :P I know many of you have seen it before but I must post a least a couple of pics of my new beauty!
    DSCN2555.JPG DSCN2556.JPG
  2. Wow that's a lovely find, congrats
  3. The bag was in mint condition inside and out. Here's a shot of the gorgeous dk blue suede lining. Oh and the price? The original tag read $975 but I got it for a grand total of $301.04!!! I never dreamed I'd get a Stella for that price and in this condition.

    Thx for letting me share!
  4. Congratulations !

    Beautiful color. Modeling photos??
  5. that is the find of the year!!!!! beautiful!!
  6. wow, that's amazing! especially since it's been discontinued for years now. great find!
  7. Wow! How awesome! Congrats!
  8. Pretty! Love the blue on blue. Great find!
  9. what a find....congratulation!!!! and thank you for sharing....
  10. Congratulations
  11. Gorgeous!! Congrats on your amazing find!
  12. congrats! amazing deal ! i love the color ...! so fabulous :smile:
  13. Congratulations on such an amazing find! That color is beautiful and classic enjoy!!!!
  14. That is an awesome find! I love Stella!
  15. congratz on your new bag!!

    Usually when you least expect to find something, often, that's when you located the good stuff =p