I admit that I am a CHANEL Bargain Hunter!

  1. Okay...so I have always bought my bags retail, either at the Boutique in NYC or via mail through NM. IDK....if I see something I love, I just gotta have it. The thing is, I am really fed up with the increases lately. Chanel is out of control, and I know many of you are with me on this one.

    So, as all of you know, I caught an awesome deal on eBay on my east/west flap with new chain. So, I said to myself, THIS IS HOW I SHOULD BE BUYING CHANEL! NEW AND DISCOUNTED. Sick part is, I am enjoying the HUNT.

    The thing is, it is not always easy to find brand new bags, with tags, for less than retail. You can get lucky on eBay, but one must always be wary of fakes. YUKCO.

    Well I lucked out again on a Fall 2007 bag. This time, I got it from a consignment store. Brand new, with tag still attached. The only downside is that there is no box. :sad:
    I will post pictures as soon as it arrives this week.

    So the question is, are there any other CHANEL BARGAIN HUNTERS OUT THERE like me??

    I feel almost like I am sounding cheap.....but the words cheap and Chanel just don't go together if you know what I mean....even if one is fortunate enough to find a great deal.
  2. While I can appreciate a good "deal", it just isn't worth it to me. I'd rather end up spending a bit more and buying from the boutique. There are areas in which I like to save money, but I figure I should stick with those. For my personal comfort, I won't take risks with thousands of dollars on eBay. I am probably overly paranoid, but still...
  3. most people don't always even want the box - that's not a con:nogood:
    I hope to become a Chanel bargain shopper, for now I seem to only buy retail.
  4. ITSMYWORLD: I know...I am crazy....but a $900 savings makes it worth my while. LOL

    SWANKY: thanks. The box thing kinda bugged me, but I am over it.
  5. What color did you buy? And how much did you get it for? Deng I have no patience I want all the info before the pix! Haha
  6. HEY!!! If you find the new Croc bag (for a mere 26,500) on sale give me a shout! LOL
  7. Roflmao Sunshine!!!
  8. I'm a bargain hunter when I find the bag that I must have. Lately, I've been into vintage since no fall bags seem to strike my fancy. Plus, with all the QC issues on the new bags, I don't mind well made older bags.

    Kudos to you SympathyDuet!! :tup:

    If I see a bag that I still must have, I might get it but it won't be new Chanels for awhile....at least I don't think.
  9. I am all for bargain hunting! I just haven't found anything yet! Good job and congratulations!
  10. I totally bargain hunt for shoes during NM sales, I've also gotten one of the travel bags on sale........little scared of ebay but do hunt during the sales!
  11. i love deals! a $900 saving can go towards other goodies!!! it's almost a timeless clutch!
  12. I'm a big bargain shopper, but I'm too scared to buy chanel on eBay. When it comes to chanel, I have not found any bargains. I've always missed out on deals. I'm currently staking out a consignment shop in my area and still nothing yet. In the meantime, I've been buying my bags at retail, since I can't wait for the bags that I really love.
  13. I bought chanel from Ebay and got stuck with 3 fakes, so, from thereon, only Saks, NM, Boutique or bonafide quasiretail ebay sellers.....you get stung and you learn.....retail is okay!!!
  14. I am definitely a bargain hunter.. but for me it's expensive enough buying Chanel's in Malaysia so buying from Europe and US is already a bargain....Ebay is great for bargains but we've just gotta be careful and real sure about the authenticity..
  15. I would love to be a chanel bargain hunter! Congrats on your finds!