Hypothetical question

  1. The Hermes Birkin is a status symbol. I'd like to ask you ladies a hypothetical question.. I don't know whether this has been asked before, but I'd love to know what you think.

    IF the Birkin cost, say $300-$800, and was available for purchase at any high end deparment store with no wait list or no exclusivity...how many of you would buy it because it suited your personal taste, and for that factor only?
  2. Great question...:flowers:
  3. I agree, great question. :yes:

    I'm not the right person to ask, though, as I don't really see the appeal of the design; expensive and exclusive, or not. :shrugs:
  4. I'm not a huge fan of the Birkin (but if you bouight me one, I wouldn't turn it down!) but I love the Kelly bag. the only thing stopping me from buying one sooner rather than later is the price.

    So, if the price was lowered to the low thousands say $2,000-$3000, I'd get one a lot sooner!

    If it cost hundreds, not only would you take away the exclusivity, you wouldn't be able to cover the cost of the craftmanship etc.
  5. hmmm... aside from the prices, i never interested in having one. because it just doesn't suit my personality.
  6. A Hermes bag is a work of art created by master craftsmen/craftswomen. This is why these bags are relatively expensive. A mass produced bag would not have the same qualities as the bags that are produced by Hermes. The leathers, colors, stitching etc are the essence of these bags and I enjoy the quality of my bags as well as the knowledge of the expert workmanship that went into the creation of each bag.
  7. basebased totally on the style of the bag, i feel it is a very ladylike bag and does not lend itself for really casual clothing. it would never work with summer type clothes. it's also not the most comfortable bag to use since if you don't hold the handle in your hands, it has to be in the crook of your arm which would get heavy and tiring for me.
  8. To add to my original post: I am not asking about the craftsmanship. I'm being honest (at least about myself). What would be the first thing that made you notice a bag?

    For me, it would be "I think that bag is beautiful! I'd love to have it!". I don't think anyone ever purchases anything just because of good craftsmanship alone. I wouldn't buy a bag because I thought "That bag is very well made"
  9. No. In that price range there are SOOOO many things I'd rather have. I find the the Birkins and Kellys boxy and boring. I really wouldn't bite at any price.
    As far as paying five figures for a handbag, to each her own; but it's not affordable for most and IMO that is a big part of it's appeal (which is, after all, the gist of your query... I agree). I'd rather remodel my kitchen.
  10. I would buy a bag definitely and only because I like it AND it can work w/ my style...

    So if a Hermes bag went w/ my style, i'd definitely get it. Fortunately for my wallet, it does not!!!
  11. IMO, some people are attracted to items that are expensive and hard to obtain, so it might not be as appealing if they were available and at a much lower cost. Most Hermes fans prob. really do love the leather and craftsmanship. I'm not a real fan, but I appreciate the timeless style they have.

    The first thing I notice in a bag is the style--if I can see myself using it. Then the material. If I like the leather or whatever, I examine more closely. On my budget, I can't justify spending that much, but even if it was less, there are other bags I like more.
  12. I think the Birkin is a cute bag. I have decided, though, the longer I am here and drool over the Kellys here, that they are more suited to me. I look at it as a very "professional" looking bag. The structure reminds me of a briefcase, and that is what I am liking on the Kelly that I think suits me better than a Birkin. To answer the question, were it more affordable, yes, I would buy one(Birkin), but in a more casual(or "fun") color and would carry it with more casual clothes, when traveling, etc, since it has a lot of space to it. That is a great question, medhavini.
  13. To me, I find the bag very intriguing and unique. I also agree that its not the type of bag that goes with everything as it has more of a structured formal look. Would I purchase one if I had the money? yes..... Why? because I can...Would it be for the craftsmanship? Yes.. it is a fine work of art..
    Would it be for the status.... Hell Yah!!! but I am also the type of person that would give it away to a single mom struggling to raise her babies or a homeless family too..:flowers:

  14. You're right, craftsmanship is not the only thing that is important for me in a bag, but it is justification to pay the price associated with a bag I have always wanted to have. The first thing that made me notice the Hermes Kelly (not that this was the original question) was Grace Kelly . I guess the princess in me always wanted one after I saw how stunning she looked with it. :love:
  15. The Birkin is a bag I definitely adore and yes, I would buy it if it costed 500 € (with great effort anyway, because I've never spent that figure for a bag). I would buy it in orange or gold colour, not black. But I do like the design, and IMO it can be great with a pair of jeans too. I don't know if it's heavy, if it's roomy or anything else because I've never seen a real one in all my life, but that's one of my dream bags.