Husband has weighed in, says "buy briefcase" - but what should come off my list now?

  1. My husband has weighed in and his vote is, buy the black clemence 41 briefcase with PH. I didnt budget for it in 2007 though. While I could theoretically exceed my budget this year, I am funny that way - I set a budget for accessories and clothes (and everything else) at the beginning of each year, and I dont like to exceed it.
    Here's what was on my remaining 2007 budget, Hermes wise:

    1. 28 cm gold togo or clemence retourne kelly with PH
    2. 35 cm blue jean togo or clemence birkin with PH
    3. 28 or 35 cm black togo clemence retourne kelly with PH

    What I already have:
    35 cm chocolate togo birkin PH
    35 cm black clemence birkin PH
    35 cm gold togo birkin PH
    31 cm black clemence mou bolide PH

    My husband says, if I insist on not exceeding budget, then postpone the bj to 2008 - on the theory I already have three birkin bags, and that I use them interchangeably as briefcases. I am thinking, since the black bolide fills the need for small black shoulder bag, maybe its the black kelly that should be postponed to 2008. I could also make a case for - waiting to see what turns up and then making a decision at the time, depending on what I felt I could use at that point. Any thoughts?

    I know I am probably fretting this too much, but thats the way I am when I am considering spending money.
  2. I think you are right -- hold off on the black kelly. That BJ birkin will be a great addition to your collection! Lucky you!
  3. I think it's great that you are disciplined about your budget. I wish I could be that way.
  4. Thanks lulilu. I feel fortunate to have the bags I do (it tooks years and years to get them)... and the reality is, this "what comes off the wish list" is probably a hypothetical question anyway, since the likelihood of all three of these items turning up this year is probably remote. It never happened before - usually if I find two bags I am looking for in any one year, thats a lot. There have been years where I didnt get even one. But I want to be prepared just in case - if I tell my SA that I am interested in some specific thing, be it a birkin or kelly or whatever, I feel committed to buy it when she calls. I know they dont expect you to, but I feel you shouldnt ask them to go to the trouble of looking out for something unless you are actually going to buy it when it comes up.

    Also - they prefer not to sell more than one kelly to any one person a year, unless they have gone through their request list and no one has claimed - unlikely that a black kelly would go unclaimed, since they are often request-only - so chances are I will only have the opportunity to buy one kelly this year, at most. Maybe thats the answer then, move black kelly to my 2008 budget ?
  5. I agree with your thoughts about the black Kelly since you already have the Bolide for now.

    I agree with lu that it's fantastic that you're so disciplined about the budget.
  6. Wow- I am so impressed with how disciplined you are. If I were in your shoes I would probably just exceed the budget!! You have an amazing collection and are fortunate that your DH supports you in your love for hermes. I too agree that bj would be a nice color to add--but I am biased to bj! I also agree with the 'wait and see what comes along first' approach because with hermes we often have to wait a long time for what we have on our wish list. Do you work with other stores other than our mutual one?

    Once again I am impressed with your discipline over your budget. I could sure learn a lesson or two from you! How do you remain so disciplined?? I welcome any tricks or secrets! I just dicovered hermes not too long ago and have been going a little crazy---need to slow down!!
  7. Oh MAN!!!! I am not disciplined at ALL!!! LOL!!!! This is something I strive for......

    Here's what I think. Postpone the Black and the Gold Kelly's but I think if you happen to see the BJ in the store you should exceed your budget and buy it because you might not find it when you are in the "Budget Year", KWIM? The Black and the Gold Kelly's are easier to find, IMO and you already have these colors in Birkins to tide you over.
  8. Jedimaster, I need your type of budget! I too would postpone the black Kelly.

    You'll get your fill of carrying black with your BRAND NEW BRIEFCASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoooooooooweee.........
  9. I'm with shopmom on delaying the black and gold Kellys, and hoping to find the harder-to-obtain blue jean Birkin. Her reasoning is sound.

    But may I plant a seed in your mind? Are you absolutely commited to being the first owner of a bag? If not, why not begin learning about the secondary market? You can find out who the trusted resellers are, and how to recognize an excellent, authentic bag through photographs.

    If you become comfortable with the secondary market, you might be able to get ALL of your bags this year and still maintain your budget!