Hurry up Fed Ex man!!!

  1. My goodies from Elux are out for delivery and I am getting impatient!! :woohoo:
  2. I empathize with you. Got one from let-trade and still no word whether it's been shipped. I'm going nuts, too! :nuts:
  3. No one's curious?? Oh well when my goodies arrive I'll enjoy them privately......:graucho:


    Okay I ordered the mono zippy wallet and the mono mini pochette for now.
    More to come!!!:yahoo:
  4. When did you order? Sometimes they take a few days to get things shipped.
  5. Congrats on your order, post pics when you get them.
  6. UHH I HATE WAITING! I remember when I ordered my first LV Jacket... I was on the waiting list for 4-5 months for it, and I had to be @ work @4pm and the damn truck got there @ 3:30! luckly I LIVE close... I was sooo mad, I couldnt even concentrate @ work, all I could do was think about getting home to see my new prize haha!
  7. The waiting gets me everytime. I wish I lived closer to a boutique but I have to stick to eluxury or trusted sellers on eBay.
  8. Posted bid last Saturday, payment made Monday and gave them a call coz I had a question. Payment was picked up the same day(Monday). I received email yesterday that it will be posted today but still no tracking info.

    I can wait. I know he's a reputable seller so I'm not worried about fraud. But this is my first time to purchase from them so I've no idea just how long it takes for them to ship. And the wait is just killing me :nuts: I've tried other resellers and my purchases were usually sent after a day. Just wondering....

    It's good to know there's somebody out there, too, who's as concerned as I am..
  9. I know the feeling, I hate waiting. I hope it arrives soon. post pics.
  10. You should probably hear something today or tomorrow.
  11. You should receive it by Friday. I've purchased from LT a couple of times and never got tracking info because the package always beat the email reply :p
  12. I ordered a cell phone case from them that is being held by my post office because I have to sign for it and I am never home to get it and they are closed when I leave for work and come home so I had to mark it for redelivery on Saturday. Other than that their shipping times are great.
  13. thanks for the info, karman! i tried searching about let-trade but i always end up with too many info that is unrelated. hope i get it by friday! there's a incoming storm and i wouldnt want my package to get wet somewhere, ugh! :sad:

    thanks jenniletv! hope you get your package real soon. what did you get from elux?
  14. jenn-just enjoy the anticipation--it will make opening your package that much sweeter!
  15. I ordered a mono zippy wallet and the mini mono pochette. It arrived and is gorgeous and I took pictures and ended up leaving my camera at home and I am at work. I'll have to post pics later. :heart: