Hurry, Chanel goodies on bluefly NOW!

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  1. Argh, I'm so mad for not having the funds for Chanel goodies on Bluefly...of all the days, they have to tease me today :crybaby: hope PFer can get some good deals :yes:
  2. I just checked my email, and went right into the website... so much stuff is already gone... so hurry girls.
  3. Everything is gone and the website is so locked up probably because of all the tPfers. LOL.
  4. CUTE rings and cell phone cases up there! Thanks for the info!
  5. Oh man, I love that gun brooch!
  6. does anyone know what bags were on sale? just cuz i'm sick and need to know what i missed out on =P
  7. I'm curious too! Was that black quilted bowler in the email available earlier?
  8. Yes it was and sold for about $1500.00
  9. I checked. Looks like Bluefly inflates the retail price so that it looks like you're getting a deal. I bought my card holder for $195 (retail) last year and this site had it retailed for $325. What's up with that?
  10. [​IMG]

    I have this in my shopping bag for $470~ Is this a good deal?
  11. Cerf tote was out for $1436. Isn't that below retail?
  12. way below retail for cerf, it's 1950 when i got mine few weeks ago from Saks.
  13. the cambon, quilted or pebble caviar?
  14. I thought so. I hope a fellow tPFer grabbed it. It was out and then gone so fast! Lol~ I wish I would have known about it earlier so I could have seen what they had.
  15. pebble or goat skin credit card holder with the silver CC logo in front. I believe it's gone now.