Hunting for a caviar Jumbo flap in beige! Or suggestions for a summer bag!

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  1. Will someone, anyone :roflmfao:, please let me know if you spot a jumbo caviar flap in beige (tan) hiding on the shelves. I thought this would be the perfect summer bag, not too light to care for, but better than my black jumbo for summer. Anyway, I cannot seem to find this. I really didn't think this was a limited bag, but apparently everyone I have called is out of it. :cursing: Please let me know if you see this. Thanks a million. Kathy

    Does anyone have a pic of the evening star jumbo in white? Or did anyone get one in black. It looks like an interesting bag. Do you have any suggestions for a summer bag? I'm kind of stuck on jumbo flap bags. I prefer caviar, but I know that the only leather available (except for black or white) is glazed lambskin though. I'd appreciate your suggestions. :okay:
  2. Kathy, you can ask your Saks SA to locate one for you. My SA found one for me last month but its with silver hardware. If you need gold hardware, maybe you should try Bloomies.
  3. Thanks Irene. I have called several Saks stores, & will try again today. I really am not particualar about the hardware. Either would be fine.
  4. Beige Jumbo sounds really yummy... I hope you find it! (:
  5. I saw the washed caviar beige accordian flap a couple of weeks ago at a Chanel boutique. It is nice,big and a little different than getting another regular jumbo. Check it out. I have it up near the top of my "next bag wish list"!!!!:tup::biggrin:
  6. oh wow, if you get the beige jumbo, enlighten us with some pics.
  7. I haven't been there since the Beauty Event. There's another points event coming up and I plan on going, I need a Wallet on Chain for Italy:biggrin:
  8. Kathy, my Neimans in Tampa has an black evening star. PM me if you would like my SA's name and number.

    I am also looking for a caviar jumbo classic flap in beige and it is completely sold out. I tried everywhere too and no one has them. :sad:
  9. That would be a perfect color for summer. I checked with a couple of SA's I know and no luck. Have you considered the off white jumbo with the new chain? The chain is silver though.
  10. I did contact a SA that said she had the off white available. I talked to so many that I don't even remember which one. :lol: I don't care if it is gold or silver hw, but I do prefer the chain with leather. It stays on my shoulder better. :rolleyes: I did find a medium caviar flap in the beige. It's a little small, but still a lovely bag. I'm considering that one too. Thanks for everyone's help. :heart:
  11. Did you call Saks Beverly Hills about the beige? They always get new stock in
  12. I called, & they just have black. :sad: Still looking............:crybaby:At this point, I'm looking for any color except black. :lol:
  13. Saw some Beige Flaps @ Saks, San Antonio, 210 341 4111, highly recommend Brandi, she's great at bag hunting! Let her know you are from tPF, she will take good care of you, good luck! :flowers: