Humm I think I'd like a Sloane...plz post pics !!

  1. I'd love to see different Sloanes, for those who own it, how do you like it?
    Is it big enough to fit a laptop in? thx !
  2. Hmm, I don't own a sloane, but I doubt if you would want to tote your laptop in it. It may be wide enough but probably not tall enough, and there is considerable slouch to the bag once it is broken in. However, it is a very nice looking bag (check out the action pics in the action thread).
  3. It's lightweight; it can hold a laptop. But after putting a laptop in it, it will get heavy and the shape will change.
  4. Ohh it would be criminal to put a laptop in a sloane!!!!! It is such a lovely slouchy bag, very beautiful but I think it deserves a little babying. I would choose a more hardwearing bag for a laptop.
  5. awww really :sad:
    I haven't had a chance to see the real thing, but I do love the shape of it
    need to check it out in stores....
    I promise I'll take good care of it and only use it for laptop once a week lol
  6. Hmm, I'll advise call before you go. Sloane is hard to get.
  7. sloane is beautiful IRL-i checked one out recently from the store and loves every aspect of the bag. This is a picture of a sloane in moro from the SA I talked to. Good luck with your search. Personally I wouldn't put a laptop in a Sloane simply because it will deform its original shape.
  8. a laptop would not be good to a sloane, don't do it!!

    that said, I love my sloane, I used it shopping today. It's so lightweight and easy and fits a bunch, yet still funky and elegant. I really love it.
  9. What laptop are you using, babygenius? I'm using a MacBook, and I really doubt it'll fit into a Sloane (not that I would even attempt it! :p). Maybe a BV tote without intrecciato at the base would be a better option? That way, the leather won't stretch out too bad.
  10. Alrighty~ Guess I will get something else for my laptop, thx for the suggestions!!
    I think I'll still get a Sloane though, it's so pretty !!
    Called a few stores but they only have brown ones left, awww I really like the iron gray one
  11. the bag is so light, it looks not so big, but if you see the inside of the bag, it's quite a big bag. i love it, i have limo sloane, and it's such a lovely! and i really like the smell.. hehe
  12. They had a gray one at Saks on 5th last week.
  13. babygenius-the sloane was also done in ottone. it is goat and somewhat stiffer and stronger. it may be better suited to occasionally carry a laptop. i don't know if any are still available but i heard they too may be redone for christmas. i have seen it irl and it is beautiful but i am a huge fan of ottone. good luck
  14. There is an iron grey sloane up on eBay at the moment at a good price, but the auction ends soon so better hurry if your going to go for it.