Hugs 3x Around

  1. Nothing to share but I have to admit with planning for the trip to Hong Kong and the stress at work, I have not been on here much. However, I miss y'all crazy ladies and gents.

    Hope everyone is well, in good health and enjoying their BBags!


    CLAKE ;)
  2. Ah, we missed you, too! I hope you have a great trip!
  3. I was curious about where you "were"?!?

    When do you leave?

    Do you have your wardrobe figured out?

    What bags are you taking with you?

    Are you excited!!!??? :yahoo: :yahoo:
  4. ^^ we miss you too Clake!!! :yes:
  5. Have a wonderful trip! And *hugs* to you too.
  6. Have a great trip!! Party and eat lots!! =) Thanks for the generous hugs (oh boy do i need hugs)

  7. Have a great trip and lots of fun in HK.
  8. Have a fun trip :smile:!
  9. Have a fabulous trip to HK!!

    Gawd. I miss shopping there so bad. Shop LOADS on my behalf!! :yes:
  10. Have a great trip!!
    What bag are you taking? ;)
  11. Have a safe & enjoyable trip.
  12. we've missed you too! Have a wonderful trip:yahoo:
  13. Nice to hear from you Clake! Have a great time!
  14. Have a wonderful trip...
  15. Hi Clakester!
    Safe trip...have fun...come back soon!