Huggable Hangers

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  1. Anyone own them? If so talk about them.

    I'm thinking of ordering some.
  2. I've never heard of them, any pics?
  3. I :heart: Huggable Hangers (Fabulousity ~ They Can Be Found On

    I'm Not Really Into The Shopping Channels, But, This Is My One Great Find!!!

    Something Else, When, HSN Is Having Some Kind Of Big Promotion...Certain Colors Go Fast (I Buy Linen With Chrome...Mine Are Always Gone).

    A Ton Of People Sell Them On eBay. I Went Through Three Diffferent Sellers (Two Stated They Bought Through HSN Outlet)....& I Got So Much More For The Money (With Exactly What I Wanted).

    But, One Of These Sellers...Sent Me "Copies" Of Huggable Hangers...How Scary Is That "Huggable Hanger Knockoffs?????" There Was A Booklet In The Box.....Showing About Their Product, I Went To Their Site. Everything Looked Good (Most Of Their Feedback Said This Product Was Better...Which, Of Course, I Didn't See Until Later ~ There Feedback Was Really High..99.7%?). I Went Back & Bought Some More "Authentic" From The Original Sellers. My Sister & I, Tried Some Of The "Fakes"....They Seem Stronger. Who Knows....I Just Don't Like The Fact That The Original Idea Is Ripped Off.....

    Definitely Go For Huggable Hangers!!!!!
  4. My friend who used to love them said the quality has gone down from her original purchases... she stopped buying them. Thats my only experience with them because when I was ready to replace all my hangers she discouraged me from ordering the huggable ones. Whenever I see a commercial for them, it is always so tempting though! Maybe the quality has improved since last year?? Now for my shirts I use a similar style from Bed Bath & Beyond.
  5. Not really a fan of them. I'd much rather use wooden hangers
  6. I have a bunch that I bought from the shopping channel and like them. They are thin and lightweight so you can fit a lot of clothes in the closet. The foam covering keeps things from sliding off. A friend of mine loves them for travel when she uses a garment bag.

    With all the humidity here, I don't like using metal, and wooden hangers are nice but bulkier than we have room for.
  7. I Definitely Love Them For All The Room They Give & My Clothes Stay Put!!!!