Huge Sale At Dillards!!

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  1. Im on vacation in florida and went to Dillards. A lot of coach handbags and shoes were on sale they even had coach bags at 80% off!! I got a pair of sneakers at $40 and an coach scarf ergo for $150.
  2. saw dillards and decided to rant, i had an issue with them today and am still crying. i was hitting up the juniors, toddler, mens, shoes, and coach dept with a few things in hand. well, they don't offer carts or bags so i draped them across the stroller only to discover the security officer following me and talking about me indiscreetly. i had my med. carly and was casually dressed. i felt so offended because i am a minority and it sucked. soo, no coach purchases for me today. i came straight homw bawling.
  3. sorry to hear about your bad experience cherll :tdown:
  4. wow sorry to hear about that.:sad:
  5. Man, you should have gone strait to the store manager! That is so uncalled for.
  6. ^^REALLY!^^

    I have seen lots of people carrying merchandise from department to department at Dillard's. I would call tomorrow and ask to speak to a manager.
  7. yeah the manager just said it shouldn't have happened and gave me a bogus number to the regional manager. i feel so much better now though, the dh was ultra supportive along with tfper's thanks yall...:smile: i'm gonna get that number though.
  8. Hi Cocogirl! Would you elaborate on the sale? I am in Florida and will love to know more. Maybe will just check them out and post back later!! Thanks for letting us all know.:tup:
  9. macy's is having an awesome sale too. hit them up too.hehe
  10. lol...Thank you :yahoo: Its in brandon, florida westfield mall. I was there visiting family.
  11. lol Now I am going to go to macys when I get back to NY. Hopefully the sale is still on.:yahoo:
  12. WOW 80% off? What kind of bags did they have marked down that low? Do you remember any prices?

    Thanks for the heads up! I have been waiting for a pair of my fav coach shoes to go on sale so I hope they will be marked down, when I go tomorrow!
  13. ((((Cherll)))) Sorry to hear that you were disrespected like that. Definitely complain! :rant:

    I'll have to check my local Dillards out again. When I was there Tuesday, their Coach's were still 25% off.
  14. I was unsure of the name of one but the original price was $450 and it was a large leather handbag. They also had wristlets and some signature handbags.
  15. I bought this Pebbled leather large hamptons bag
    original price $458 (still avail. at
    50% of $229 plus an extra 30% off it came out to