Huge Ivory Flap

  1. Here's another bag that I receintly purchased ,but have not had time to post pics.Hope you like!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
    P1000865_edited-1.jpg P1000867_edited-1.jpg P1000868_edited-1.jpg P1000870_edited-1.jpg P1000871_edited-1.jpg
  2. Wow, gorgeous!~ Is that the dark white reissue?!?!? Smooth has it and I LOOOOOOOVE IT!!! Congrats!!
  3. I think there are quite a few of us on here who have the darkwhite reissue in various sizes. I never tire of looking at them. It's beautiful. Congratulations.:love:
  4. I have had several opportunities to buy the large white reissue,but everyone of them, usually had some kind of flaw.dirt or chain marks,too white,funny color.So I gave up and had decided that this style was not for me.Well I reciently went to the Chanel Boutique and this bag was in the front,I can't say how beautiful or soft this bag is IRL!It is amazing. It seems different than the others.Also It is very large.I think it is bigger than the jumbo size reissue.
  5. I'm not sure if it is the dark reissue But I love the color It's not too white.Thanks all in the bag And smoothoprter.
  6. Congrats! Yummy color!
  7. Definitely the dark white reissue!! It is lovely!
  8. Another lovely bag, you've been busy treating yourself. :yes:
  9. OMG! Another lovely bag!!!!!!

    May I share one of them with you :drool:
  10. That is gorgeous!
  11. Wow, it is gorgeous - I love it!!! Congrats
  12. Gorgeous! Love the color!!! :drool:
  13. Gosh, that IS pretty big. Lovely though
  14. Very pretty. I love this color. Congrats on your new baby!
  15. Very pretty! Is that the 227 or 228? Congratulations on that bag too!