Huge Chloe Inventory Means Fake!

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  1. Does anyone ever wonder how someone can amass a huge inventory of authentic Chloe handbags, including those that aren't even in stores yet or are wait-listed or have quantity restrictions? Can't be done! Take a look at Lebagboutique on Ebay. Her inventory would sell for over $80,000 at their buy it now prices. How many Chloe boutiques would she have to scavenge to get her collection? She's got hundreds of positive feedback comments, so her bags must be great copies. Why does Ebay allow people like her to keep selling? Because :yahoo: Ebay reaps huge Final Value Fees from them.
  2. Hi and Welcome! :welcome:

    I completely agree that a lot of sellers with a large Chloe inventory are selling fakes; but I don't think Lebagboutique is.

    What she appears to be offering, is a personal shopping service; where you pay a premium for her to find the bag for you (about 10% of the premium will go in eBay/Paypal fees).

    It looks as though she has some of the bags in her possession and some are still in-store (judging by the pics) and she will order these as and when someone buys them from her.
  3. MauiDiver: I understand your judgement to come to this conclusion, but I bring up the point that lebagboutique is a highly recommended seller if you look on the Chloe ebay sellers thread.:yes: I'm sure you didn't mean any harm, but I also believe it's not fair to bring negative comments about a seller without negative experience having bought with that seller. It may appear suspicious that one seller may be selling multiple items that are not even available to the public yet, and on top of that selling at more than retail. But there may be good justification as to why. Some sellers have agreements with boutiques that allow them to order on top of their store orders, thus obtaining merchandise that is authentic for much less. That would allow them to have new bags and sell before many other stores receive merchandise. They may sell for above retail based on the demand that they have the bag when it's very hard to obtain, or as well as to cover exorbotant eBay & Paypal sellers fees.:wtf: Lastly, at times she (lebagboutique) has amazing auctions with low reserves for fab new bags that you can get for a steal!! I was so amazed at the auction for the blanc zippy that went for a ridiculously low price!:flowers:
  4. Good point BagBunny.

    I think each retailer needs to be judged on their merchandise alone.
  5. most of the bags she has on auction, she doesn't have in stock until after it's paid for by the buyer.
  6. I also know that some Ebay sellers like legalboutique consigns bags. She will sell them for people. That is only sticking point I have with auctioned bags. Overall her prices aren't too far off from retail so unless I am absolutely desperate for a particular color, make or model I would rather buy directly from the department store. Also it has been said that while legalboutique sells authentic bags the photos are often reused.
  7. FYI- Lebagboutique sells authentic items. I purchased my Fendi Spy from her- 100% authentic!:yes:
  8. MauiDiver, i understand what you are saying - but it's unfair to tarnish a perfectly good reputation with what is, essentially, mere speculation.

    I know there are plenty of sellers who have a large inventory of the same item - however, these also have other warning signs...low prices, poor and/or private feedback. There's a huge gap, both in terms of price and trust, between the authorised re-sellers and the counterfeiters.

    Lebagboutique sells authentic items at a *reasonable* price, if you're after something that's hard to find, it would be worth paying her slightly higher prices. If not, you could just stick with the authorised online retailers, or your local boutique!