Hudson Jeans Help Needed..pretty please???

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  1. I have purchased 2 pairs of Hudson jeans size 26 and 27. I wear a 26 in citizens jeans. How do these two lines compare?

    The size 26 jeans are bootcut and the 27 are skinny jeans

    I am normally 120 lbs and 5'4. I wear a size 4.

    Currently I am pregnant and I bought these jeans to be my motivation for losing the weight. I did this before with my last child and spending $$ on expensive jeans makes me HAVE to lose the weight:nuts:. It worked too!

    Thank you in advance. I really appreciate it. :okay:

    P.S. Bluefly is having a sale on their JEANS!...this is why I went ahead and got them now.:supacool:
  2. I have 1 pair of Hudson jeans. They are bootcut and have stretch. They run true to size for me. I would say that if you wear a 26 that you should go with that in Hudson too. Try This site is very accurate in telling you which size to get in each designer. It's free. I use them when I order online and they're always right. Hope this helps.
  3. i have a few pairs of hudson and found that most of them run one size small. they do stretch out after a few hours though. i found that i was most comfortable when i sized up. i also think that hudson jeans don't look right when they are skin tight.
  4. Thank you guys! ^^^ I greatly appreciate it. I saw these jeans on my sister and just had to have them. I hope they run like you say either true to size or one size up. As I ordered one of each. Many thanks!:heart:
  5. I love hudson jeans and they fit true to size! the 26 should fit fine as they jeans do have stretch. I have a curvier frame so the 27 skinnies fit me well! Good luck!
  6. I have two pairs of Hudson and I have to size up in them.
  7. I think they may end up runing true to size AFTER they stretch but at first they feel a bit small, I would go a size up. I bought a 27 (my normal size) and still haven't been able to wear them enough for them to stretch.
  8. I must be shaped kind of funny because I generally find them to be a tiny bit on the large side.

    I wear a 25/26 and I always take a 25 in hudson, and sometimes find that they feel a little loose at the hips/waist, but not on the butt/thighs.
  9. I have 3 pairs of Hudson's (2 wide leg and 1 boot cut) and they all run big. I generally wear a 29 (J Brand, CoH), but in Hudson (and Current/Elliott) I wear 28 and they're a bit loose. I love Hudson's, very comfortable and the cut is flattering!