Hubby's present...what do you think?

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  1. My hubby just got me these really cute peeptoes I love the color even if I usually prefer a thinner heel. What do you think?

    P1010053.jpg P1010050.jpg P1010049.jpg
  2. I like them! The heel should give more stability???
  3. those are really really hot! I would definitely keep them.
  4. Love them...
  5. Very cute, Cat! The color's great! What a nice hubby!
  6. I love Pura Lopez shoes!! They have a store in Via Montenapoleone in Milano if I don't remember wrong! Anyway, this brand makes lovely shoes and in fact I love yours! Congrats! :flowers:
  7. I like them! How sweet of him.
  8. I love them catcat very classy.
  9. I really like them. I think the bigger heal is making a comeback these days.
  10. They are beautiful! Looks great on your foot!
  11. They look really classy.:tup:
  12. love the color..def.a keeper
  13. Nice shoes. Did he pick them out himself?
  14. Thanks lady's for welcoming them...
    Hubby is proud of himself!
    They grow more and more on me. The heel is thicker but doesn't look chunky and they are really comfy I survived a full shoppingday...!:tup:

    babypie nope he had a bid of help hubby is not great about surprises and his intrest in fashion is very, very limited but I do have a preteen and a teenage daughter who are always of great help to my "poor man".:p
  15. He has great taste!