hubby picks bbag over chanel !

  1. so i was modelling my blue india first and chanel cerf tote that i just acquired recently in front of my hubby. and guess what??? he likes bbag more!!!:wtf:

    he thinks bbag is cooler and the cerf tote looks plain and "old". after i told him that the bag that he did not really like is a chanel he said "ooh.... i like them equally".
  2. My fiance likes them too. He really loved the flat brass. The one he didn't like was the black City? Go figure that one out. He said it wasn't me whatever that means. :confused1:
  3. this is the kind of thing that should solidify that you picked a good apple.
  4. that's what my bf thinks too.
    he loved my b bags more than my other bags :P
  5. This reminds me ... I'm usually toting my Gucci around, but it was when I decided to carry my pink bbag on the one really sunny day we've had so far in Chicago that I got a compliment! From a guy friend! I was so surprised!
  6. Hey, your hubby has good taste! Give him an extra smooch. :kiss:
  7. I notice that guys do comment on these bags - I think they can appreciate the quality of the leather and the vibrancy of the color. At least my DH doesn't carry for a fussy detailed look.

  8. We had a sunny day in Chicago ??? WHEN???

    LOL! :P
  9. That is funny some guys they have no idea about fashion but others they know what they like..
    My husband is the same way but he is telling me all the details why he doesn't like it why he thinks it is and so..
    He is big fan of Ink color He was telling me Ink is not too flashy color but has beautiful undertone that make bag very unique and sophisticated..:supacool: Ha ha pretty funny~