Hubby just called from Macy's....

  1. He scored a F&F coupon and went to Macy's this morning on an early lunch hour. Just called and said he bought me a bag. :nuts:

    He won't tell me which one and also won't tell me when I can have it - tonight?? Mother's Day???? My Birthday (in June)????

    Why oh why does he torture me so.

    My leather carly is still en route from Anaheim - so I know it's not that one. What oh what can it be!?? :yahoo:
  2. What an awesome DH!
    What bag have you been telling him about lately.
    That must be so exciting.
  3. i bet it's a cotton one!
  4. Aw, your DH is so sweet!!! Congrats! :yahoo:
  5. Honestly...i'm not even sure. I say "oh, I love that" so frequently, I lose track! He must have seen something that I commented on that he also really liked (he looks at Coach so often with me that he has his own opinions on all the products too). The anticipation is killing me.
  6. Aw what a sweety!! I cant' wait to hear what you got!
  7. awesome hubby! hope he got you something you like ;)
  8. Aww. How sweet and horrible at the same time. :shrugs:
  9. Thats so sweet! I bet the suspense is driving you nuts! Can't wait to see what he got you.
  10. He just called back to give me some more details....

    He said the bag he bought is not one that I have asked for (hmm!) but he said he liked it so he snatched it up.

    He said at 10am there was a line at the door waiting to get in and all the women waiting in that line were carrying Coach bags. (LMAO!) He was the first one in the door and headed to the Coach section. All the women with the Coach bags ALSO ran to the Coach section and he said by the time he left the store, they were cleaned out! :wtf: It's only 11:00 now!!! All this happened within one hour time.

    I have visions of DH at Macy's braving the Coach wilderness....
  11. What can it be???? What a sweetheart to do that.
    I am headed to Macy's on my early lunch hour too........can't wait, I hope I find something!!!:yahoo:
  12. What a sweet husband!
    It can get scary dealing with a bunch of Coach woman on a mission for a bag.
    I can't wait to hear what you get!
  13. haha! I bet it was a sight to see! Can't wait to hear what you got, hopefully he will not make you wait for mom's day or bday!
  14. I agree, that would be torture!
  15. shellyb17, congrats! :yes:

    That was so sweet of him!