How's the weather in Philly?

  1. i'm heading over to philly this weekend, and i'm thinking about what i should be bringing along for the trip. thank you in advance! :flowers:
  2. I'll be in Philly over the weekend too, from the city! In-laws are having a baby shower for our sister in law.

    No idea as to the weather though.
  3. It is warm for the next day or two, but they say that colder whether is returning in time for the weekend.
  4. I just flew in from capris and a tank top...LOL..its cold but not too bad..It was 50 degrees when I landed..which is warm for us...EEK
  5. They're saying it's going to go back down to the low 40s this weekend. It's still early in the week though, so that could change.
  6. Yup, as of today, the weekend forcast is cold (30s) but no rain.
  7. sounds like it's going to be cold but not raining...thank you all! :flowers:
  8. Just wanted to update you, odd. We're now expecting 3-6 inches of snow in Philly tonight & tomorrow so pack accordingly, and if you're flying in, keep an eye on your flight!