How's the real estate market in TX?

  1. I'm thinking about moving there in about a year or two. I probably won't actually buy a house for about 5 more years but I'm starting to research areas because I have never spent a lot of time in Texas before. I was born and raised in Southern California.

    I was wondering if the market prices are rising and if homes are going to be more and more expensive in the good neighborhoods? I'm looking to spend between $600,000- $700,000 for a nice home in a good neighborhood with good schools. Does anybody have any suggestions on where to look in the Houston, Dallas, or Austin areas?

    Thanks! :yes:
  2. You might want to ask Swanky....I know she lives there and knows quite a bit about it. Good luck!
  3. i can call my brother in houston and ask him, if you want.
  4. If you decide on Dallas (great city btw) I love Plano - Willowbend or thereabouts. Old Gate Road features some pretty nice homes. University Park is great.

    Houston is so big. If you live in Houston, the people there aren't too fond of the Dallas gang and vice versa. Some of the time, that is. IMO, Dallas just feels safer, cleaner and less humid than Houston. If you look in Houston, Memorial and River Oaks are nice. If you want further out, you can look in Sugar Land.

    Good luck with your search, I am sure Swanky can be of great help here.
  5. Transplanted Southern Californian here... Austin is awesome...there are so many of us here we could start a Cali-Club...
    Check the real estate for Lakeway- in the heart of the hill country on Lake Travis..
  6. If you want spend 500K or more, you can buy gorgeous houses any where, except in HighLand Park & University Park area in Dallas/Fort Worth. Plano, Frisco, South Lake and other so many nice areas around. Plano is built up too much now and schools have a lot of problem. I used to live in River Oaks in Houston. That was a great area to be in.

    BTW I love to move to Austin !!! A lot of friend of mine moved to Austin this past summer from Dallas.
  7. The market is softening somehwhat, but not much, more slowing down than softening.

    Out of the 3 you named, I've lived in 2 of them; Dallas and Houston.
    I'd personally recommend Austin and Dallas.
    If you're single, Houston is great though!
    We lived in Bellaire there, it was great, but. . . . there's just so much exposure to things there that I didn't want to raise my kids there.

    As far as areas of each, it depends on your preferences{?}
    Do you like urban or is suburban okay?
    I live in a Dallas/Ft.Worth suburb. Our schools have consistently been #2 in the entire state and EVERYTHING is out here.
    I like Plano, but it's massive and too congested for me, I don't know about teh schools. Also, it's not nearly close enough to the airports for us. Southlake is about 10 minutes.
    Also check out Colleyville, Keller & Flower Mound.

    I could tell you more, but I don't want to write a novel.
    PM me if you have any questions or I'll check back in here:yes:
  8. How about Tyler, TX - how is that? Lots of new consturction out there.

    I LOVE Highland Park and University Park (Dallas) and the shopping there is great!! I have friends from boarding school who grew up in Highland Park right by SMU. Great place to live and shop!!!
  9. I definitely need space for that kind of money. Around here it's the single family homes are ridiculously close to each other. I already told my BF when we get married, I need room. I don't want my neighbors to hear me yell at the top of my lungs for 700 to 800k. That would be my deciding factor in a neighborhood.

    We may need to move to VA...or somewhere else...whenever my BF decides to tell me if he's decided to take a position in another state. He's making me wait and it's really beginning to irk me.
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    I know what you mean.>elongreach . Before we move to DFW area, my hubby got several offers from companies in Fairfax co. and also Manhattan. I researched the real estate there and here, we chose to move to Texas. Before our move, we lived in Mass. for a long time. Now I miss good schools there. Texas is OK but not great in terms of public schools for kids. If you chose to send your kids to private school, well, it doesn't really matter where you live.

    Funny thing is we had much more land in Mass. than here in Texas. (2 acres to half an acre now but our back yard attached to the golf course also lake is a block away so at least view is great) We always have to compromise something.
  11. ^We'd love to have you!
  12. Thanks so much everybody for all the info!

    Swanky, I love the suburbs. I am definitely not a big city girl. I grew up in Orange County and moved to San Francisco to go to college and ended up hating it. It's much too busy and noisy for my liking. I prefer a quiet, simple life. I have been looking online at some real estate sites and the homes in South Lake are beautiful! Depending on where I can get a job, we may end up neighbors in a few years! Haha.

    Amamxr, the homes in Lakeview are gorgeous! I checked out a few of them online and fell in love with some of them. I have heard Austin is beautiful. My dad is encouraging me to buy a house there!

    I will keep everybody posted if I have more questions about homes! Thanks again everyone!
  13. I'm with Swanky. Have a cousin who lives in Highland Park and I love it, but she's in the best area. It's growing so fast, it will change in a few years. Austin is great as well. It just depends on what family you have and what's important to you. You get a huge house out where I live for that much money. But you don't have the proximity to shopping.
  14. Are home prices rising a lot? Or is the market pretty much stable?
  15. half my family is in dallas- my mom got there tonight for a visit. i have been toying with the idea of moving there someday as well. i can find out what section they're in- i love their neighboorhood and i adore my cousin's house. my uncle is in arlington which is also nice but i like dallas better.

    omg 3k sf? my apt here in nyc is 620 something. omg.