How would you feel if you know that your Cartier necklace is not made in Paris?


Dizziness to myself
Mar 16, 2006
Talking about discounts at Cartier on a thread in this sub-forum, I thought it would be interesting to know your opinions because I've just had a discussion about this during an unusually very boring day at the office.

It's obvious that if you buy your necklace outside France, it is not made in Paris (evidence: someone stole £100m worth of ice from a Cartier workshop in London). Personally I don't really care but some poeple (including my colleague) insist on having it made in Paris. Going to Paris on Eurostar isn't exactly expensive but I would like to get discount on it if I get it from far away places in the other corner of the world.

How about you? If you have a Cartier piece does it have to say 'Made in Paris' on the tin, LOL?
Nope, I agree with Sonya. If the standards are Cartier's, I don't care where it was put together. This does make me wonder though, can one really be sure it was made in Paris? Perhaps it was made in London and sent back to Paris for final inspection and stamping. Personally, I don't get too hung up on the small stuff.