How well does a belted ergo do with....

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  1. How well does a belted ergo do with a purseket? Does it sag? Considering the shape of the bag, i would think that if i had all sorts of stuff in the pockets that it would collapse in....

    Does anyone have a belted ergo (mine is probably a medium, 14 inches) with a purseket? Or any other ergo with a purseket?

    How is that going for you??

    LOL and do u actually use it??? (I have a habit of just throwing stuff in my bag and I have to admit that i'm not the most organized person in the world....)

    Was it hard adapting to all those pockets???
  2. Droo: I dont have the purseket, but I do have the medium belted ergo! I LOVE my bag and get TONS of compliments on it! See my pics in the Ergo Club thread! Not sure how the purseket would work w/ it though b/c of the shape of the bag! I have the hobo though, so maybe w/ the tote it would be different? I am hoping someone can help you!!!!
  3. Thanks Mommyville! I love how you are right on top of the ergo posts! LOL! :p
  4. Well, someone's gotta do it!!!!!! :p LOL