How well do Coach shoes hold up?

  1. I'm contemplating using PCE to buy a pair of shoes. While I love the Ocelot pumps, I'd have nothing to wear them with. Most of the heel heights I would probably kill myself trying to walk in but I do like the Odette pumps. I wish they were matte but I am still considering the black ones. Any feedback on how the shoes hold up over time? It would be the most I've ever spent on shoes even with the discount.
  2. I've never bought shoes from Coach before but am considering the boots. I would be almost afraid to buy heels because I tend to scuff them up pretty badly (I'm a klutz).
  3. I have a few pair of ballet flats with a few more on the way, I love them and they last a very long time...very comfy to walk in as well.
  4. Also, there are more types of Odette pumps on eBay, and for a lot you could use your PCE on something else if you weren't crazy about the patent leather. I'm just saying!!! I see Odettes all the time when I lurk for flats.
  5. My ballet flats and sneakers hold up very well. I also bought the Coach Ireland Espadrille in black patent to wear in the summer. Those didn't hold up well at all. I got caught in the rain for a few minutes and the espadrille wedge part got a little wet. After that, the espadrille part started peeling away from the shoe and fraying a lot. I wouldn't get another pair of Coach espadrilles.
  6. thanks for the suggestion but I am loathe to buy anything Coach off of eBay with all of the darn fakes on there...
  7. The shoes are real 99% of the time, don't worry. It's the handbags, wallets and keychains that are the worst.
  8. I'm still leary of Ebay for more expensive items I guess. The other problem with Ebay is that I need to try shoes one first. i guess i could go into a store to try them on and then get them on Ebay but that wouldn;t work with non-current shoes.
  9. Most of Coach's styles fit the same across the seasons. Their ballet flats (like classic flat flats with the bow, not the sneaker flats) fit a little loose, I buy my true size but I have a little wiggle room...not enough to bother me, as an 8 would be too small.
    Sneaker flats with the rubber bottom along with sneakers and other types like that run true to size absolutely.

    I haven't bought any heels yet but I don't wear those all the time anyway :smile:
  10. i very much advise you to keep to buying as u worde it big icket items at teh store... i say u r buyign aluxury itme buy it in a luxury settign .. it is so much more fun o buy your items at teh coach store .. the settign is so nice... now i would have to say coach shoes are very durable as if you think aout it they use teh same materials used for bags a they do on their shoes and we know how well our bags have held up and remeber there is the coach guarantee on the shoes as well as eyewear so other than that just make sure you buy a style of shoe that you will gain use out of .. even if it might be a bargain will you really use it and if teh answer is no than bargain or not it was a waste .. use your PCE card on somethin you really want ( utility is key) i am also think over what i shld use my pce card on ...
  11. I have a pair of sneakers and a pair of loafers for years and they are still in great condition.
  12. I have the Josie flats. I only got them a few weeks ago, but they are really comfortable and are very tru to size.
  13. I have Coach flats & Katelyn sneakers. From my experience, they hold up real well & best of all they're very comfy!!
  14. I have a few coach sneakers and ballet flats and love them.
  15. ITA:smile: