How we avoid Holiday shopping pressure

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  1. Good morning ladies! Just wanted to share some holiday thoughts with you.
    Every year I notice the holiday shopping hustle and bustle seems to get worse. Some friends and family get anxiety over what to get - feel they have to top last years gift, etc. Impossible to find parking at the mall, people being rude and impatient with each other - my DH and I decided years ago not to be part of it any more. We buy each other so many things during the year and as Christians also believe Christmas isn't our birthday anyway so why are we getting gifts? So every year we just fill each other stockings with silly things like candy and little toys and stuff like that. It reminds us of when we were kids and Christmas was actually fun - we end up laughing alot and having a great time! The pressure is gone for DH not to have to find me the most expensive and/or meaningful thing and same for me! I am not knocking people who do brave the crowds and shop (more power to you!) - it just hasn't been that for me for a long time and was wondering if anyone else does a low-key Christmas like this?

    And by the way - I hope everyone here has a safe and very happy Christmas!
    Stay warm!
  2. Bagnshoo I am glad you found a good alternative for you and your DH. I feel the same way, but with 5 kids between the two of us, no gifts would probably not fly. I instead...shopped ENTIRELY online this year. IT was fabulous. I got free shipping, no parking problems, discounts I would have NOT gotten in the store and I could stay in my PJs and get them delivered to the door.
    Hee Hee!
  3. I couldn't go without Christmas, but I shop through out the year...when I see something I know the person will like, rather than waiting until the rush starts!

    Then I get it all of right after Thanksgiving and wrap and make sure I have everyone...there is usually a hole or two, and then I shop online :smile:
  4. Yeah not having kids sure helps! But I think if we did have kids I'd have to opt for the online thing too!
    and Twinks, I have a friend like you who actually has a gift closet and collects things throughout the year - I tried that and then forgot I had bought things for friends! (maybe time to try ginko biloba!)
  5. OMG, do we know each other? lol

    Here is my gift closet


  6. Twinkle, that's super organized!!! I wish I could do that! I did some online shopping this's my favourite kind actually. DH and I aren't buying presents for each other this year, instead we're just going on a shopping spree for ourselves when we get to Europe. Works for me!!:nuts:
  7. Holy cow! You are my new hero!!!

  8. WOW!! That is so cool that you and DH avoid the holiday pressure like that.

    I don't know why (CALL ME CRAZY LOL) but some part of me ENJOYS the holiday crowds at the mall!!

    For example, my sister and I LOVE going to the mall the day after Xmas and spend all of our Xmas $$/gift cards.

    Yikes!! Whats wrong with me?!?!?
  9. I'm totally with you!! I love shopping at christmas!! The crowds, the bustle, the christmas wouldn't be christmas without it!! :love:
  10. ^LOL ok I don't feel so weird now!! :smile:
  11. I actually do most of my shopping in advance... especially for the kids. I'm always able to find awesome deals on toys/clothes/books long before the holiday season. I also do a lot of online shopping, and make sure to purchase everything at least a week before x-mas to ensure a timely arrival of the packages.

    Ironically, though, my best friend and I went shopping a week ago, and again last Monday... we were planning on doing our last round of shopping for presents/stocking stuffers, but ended up getting things for ourselves. :amuse:

    I don't mind the crowd, but I prefer to go on a weekday, as it's not as overwhelming as a Sat. afternoon.
  12. Between my husband's family and mine, there are only three people under the age of 21! Not to be a scrooge, but everyone in our families has everything they could need and more. I wonder sometimes if one year we could all donate more to our usual charities or adopt a family instead. Or all of us pool our $$ and take a cool vacation together!
  13. My friend's family did that one year (adopted a family) instead of doing presents for each other and they said it was really nice.
  14. here here!! (although i did do some shopping at costco/fred meyers as well....but i needed groceries too.)

    i'm one of those people that gets totally stressed out shopping this time of year. it's ridiculous really, but i care a lot about whether someone's going to like what i get them. couple that with my inherient aversion to crowds....well. it's not good. :smile: i've found picking out a gift for a gift of giving tree child really helps aliviate that. you know that kid will LOVE whatever you choose (heck, it tells you on the bell what they want). i only shop at stores/malls that have one in house. a little selfish selflessness. win/win :smile:

    hubs is so stingy with himself throughout the year, christmas is the only time i can get away with buying him things he wants. he turns into a little kid. it's almost made me like christmas again. almost. :smile:
  15. nothings wrong with you at all! I have an aversion to large crowds myself - I can't even go somewhere like Disneyland unless its a Monday during off season!