How useful (or not) is ...

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  1. JPG Kelly. Would LOVE to hear from JPG Kelly owners. PRETTY PLEASE!!!
  2. I don't have one yet but I could definitely use one. :graucho:
  3. about as useful as a third armpit....


    LV, as you can tell, i am not a JPG lover, but actually I think the JPG Kelly would be great - why, what have you got in mind, my girl????????????
  4. JPG Kelly is useful for me. We're used to the idea of carrying big bags everyday and everywhere but for me, I like to carry small bags once in a while when I go out with my friends/husband or to shopping. JPG Kelly is a classic clutch that adds a lady-like formal look to casual outfit and glam a formal dress. Don't make a fashion mistake: imo, jpg kelly clutch only goes well with high heels and not flats.
  5. I have one in black crocodile.. i use it for evening only.. love it :love::love:
  6. pinkish, that is goooood looking! Hermes style meets crocodile. I like it...although, if it were me, I would also carry it with a white shirt and jeans in daytime.

    If I didn't, it would seldom get worn. I also carried my emerald green croco pochette ( since sold ) to dinner with jeans.
  7. crochetbella, that's what I am thinking!!!:graucho:

    Grands Fonds, I've got a craving for one all of a sudden!:nuts: It looks so sexy!:love: I must find one. SOON!:sweatdrop:

    dior24, thank you kindly for your reply! I really appreciate it!:flowers:

    pinkish_love, you KNOW that every time I see your croc JPGs, I want to grab them and run away!!! LOVE both of your JPGs!!!:love:

    isus, thank you! If I end up getting one, I would probably use it with casual AND dressy outfits too.:wlae:
  8. i carry mine for brunch, dinner or cocktail events. very chic and i agree with dior - it looks hot with heels!
  9. Oh I'm craving one again!!! :drool: I would love a red one!!!:heart:
  10. It is a definitely a cute bag! As with all small bags, if you go out to dinner a lot and do evening events, I think it IS very useful! I never considered it b4, but after seeing a few at the Mother Ship this past week, I was thinking how tres chic it would be for an evening bag, ESP the croc!

    Pinkish love That bag is beautiful!!! Saw a choc croc JPG kelly at Paris H and an olive colored one, both matte! Simply gorgeous!
  11. isus.. Thank you, i never thought about it although ive seen VB picture wearing it with casual jeans and white t-shirt.:flowers:

    Thank you dear.. I can see we have similar taste :graucho:

    Moviegirl.. Yeah i saw those plus jpg kelly in lizard.. gorgeous as well!! I wanted to get a shiny crocodile jpg kelly but they said its sold out :sad:.. too bad.. as much as i love mine.. the shiny one is definitely TDF!:drool:
  12. So, I've seen them in lizard, croc, evercalf, suede...what other leathers do them come in?:shrugs:
  13. How does everyone carry one?? by the handle or as a clutch???
  14. Oh, my GOD!!!!! I already saw your Kelly pouch before, but I am fainting again! pinkish_love...why did you have to post it again....oh, NOOOOO!!!!!! I am on the floor, can't get up!:drool: :drool: :drool: :heart: :heart:
  15. ^^ Aspen lol maybe a call from Hermes will do the trick of lifting you from the floor :graucho: