How "trendy" is this top?

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  1. Hi,

    Hoping you all would share your infinite wisdom on something.

    I bought this lace top today at Nordstrom's in chocolate. It's cute on, but I'm not sure I'm going to keep it because it was a bit pricey. While I don't mind spending the money, it bugs the practical accountant in me to spend $180 on something that's going to be outdated quickly. So the question is, how trendy do you think this is? Or is this more on the fashion/style end of the spectrum?

    thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Lace seems like it has been "in" for a while now, and I don't see any indicators it's going out anytime soon, so I think maybe it's not that trendy?
  3. IMO,I don't think its extremely trendy, I think you can get a lot of use out of it. You can always make it remain in the trend with your accessories ie. handbag ;)
    The question is how much do you like it, is it a top you see yourself wearing or sitting in the closet after a few times.
  4. I also do not think that it's extremely trendy. I love high-waisted tops, I think you can wear it a few seasons. Don't think trendy or not, think if you really like it and if it looks good on you!
  5. I actually thought about this overnight. LOL

    If you are thinking of it as an "investment" piece, as in something that you will be able to wear every year for the next half century, I would have to say no.

    When I look back, and ask myself whether I would have worn it every year for the past 40 or so, the main elements I see that would make this unlikely are the "baby doll" empire style, the lace, and the sleeves.

    However, trends come and go. That top would have been considered very fashionable in 1965, so if you won't mind it having a long rest once its current star fades, go for it! Everything old invariably becomes new again, as the wheel of fashion endlessly turns...

    And who knows? I could be completely wrong. We are talking about the future here, and I would never have predicted that jeans, regardless of cut or "wash," would become acceptable business and dress-up wear!

    Oh, and because it does have that empire style, be sure and check your profile carefully. These tops look great from the front, but from the side, they can be anything but flattering, and can even make some short people look pregnant!
  6. i think its trendy, and a trend that has a tendency to make females look pregnant...i think the pattern is cute BUT i dont forsee it staying in style all that long
  7. i think that if you like it alot...then it shouldnt matter if its "trendy" you sould buy what you like and wear it when ever you want no matter whats "trendy or in" at that point in time!
  8. i don't think it's too overly trendy. if you love it, rock it!
  9. I don't think its trendy...
  10. I don't think it's trendy either. It will be in style for a long, long time. Get it! It's very cute!
  11. i don't think its trendy. would look great with a pair of jeans and cute wedges.
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