How to wear slingbacks?

  1. Hi Guys,

    I know this is a bit of a silly question but I've never owned a pair of slingbacks before up until 3 months ago or so.
    I've been on vactation in Hong Kong for about a month and it wasn't the best place to bring my slingbacks there to wear.
    But now I'm back and have recently started wearing them around, but the back keeps slipping off my feet every few steps. I've tried to adjust the rubber band to cling to my heel and nothings working!!
    Does anyone have any good tips for me?
    TIA! :smile:
  2. Hmmm, if it fits right, your foot shouldn't slip out of a slingback. You may need a smaller size. Footpetals sells stickies that are supposed to help them stay on, but I've never tried them. Good luck!
  3. I would go to a cobbler, they are prob too small for you but you can have them fixed
  4. I agree...they probably don't fit properly. If they're too big adding a petal to the ball of the shoe sometimes will tighten everything up and make them fit better. Otherwise, any shoe repair will be able to help. Good luck!
  5. thanks for the answers guys! :flowers:
    i will try taking them in to a cobbler and see what they can do.

    however, isn't it the right size if the heel of my foot touches the heel of the shoe? i would like to know for future reference!
  6. I think they're the right size, straps do tend to slip. I use footpetals strappy strips to help keep the straps in place.
  7. How do the footpetal straps work?
  8. The footpetals attach to the strap around the ankle. They work pretty well and should prevent it from slipping.
  9. Are they removable or are stuck there with glue/tape?
  10. They have a sticky backing that stays on pretty well.
  11. If it's slipping off, it means they are too big, or the sling at the back has been over streched. you could go to a cobbler and have them tighten it for you.
  12. I have heard people have good results with a cobbler cutting out a little of the strap and restitching to tighten.
  13. I guess either way would work--having the cobbler tighten the strap or using strappy strips. Buying strappy strips and putting them on is easy. Plus, if you need to you can take them off.
  14. I went to Sears yesterday and got the strappy strips. Very excited to see how it'll work out.
    Thanks everyone for all your wonderful input! :tup: