How to wear skinny pants in boots...?

  1. Hi, I have a to wear skinny pants tucked into knee high boots without looking like a cowgirl??:confused1:

    My Jimmy Choos are too big for my skinny calves. I am thinking of wearing the pants tucked in but don't quite know how to carry it off.

    Any advice? What fashion faux pax (correct spelling?) to avoid?
  2. Don't wear your skinny jeans tucked into your boots with a shirt tucked into your jeans. It is not flattering either. Wear a long sweater or tunics.

    My skinny jeans are long so I fold them up before I tuck them into my boots, otherwise they would be very uncomfortable.

    And it's faux pas. ;)
  3. wear them with flats or some very low cut boots and a nice top or sweater if yore wearing high boots just make sure the jeans fit to a tee
    then there will be no problem weaing with high boots
  4. I think that only REALLY skinny jeans look nice stuck into boots -- straight legs still puff out a bit. So I'd say to only wear your super skinny's tucked in to high boots. Otherwise, try lower boots.
  5. i love skinny jeans on boots... i like the way kate moss pull with hers...
    that's when i shop fpr boots, i always wear my stretch skinny jeans, so i can try them on top of the jeans and i can easily fold my stretch jeans up to my knee and see how it'll look if i wore a skirt with it.