How to take ink off a white leather Coach

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  1. Sloppy me hit my white Coach bag with a blue pen :cursing: How can I clean my bag? Im afraid to damage it.
  2. I would try the magic eraser very lightly...I know hairspray take out pen..Maybe spray some on a q-tip and rub the area very lightly...Bably wipes will clean up the rest of the purse too....You could call the Coach store...Godd luck!! Let us know how it comes out...:heart: Emmy
  3. Ok Hairspray didnt work and the girls at Coach had the same problem and had no solution. Next the Magic eraser, I'll let you know Emmy.
  4. Have you used Coach leather cleaner on it already?
  5. I know for a fact the Coach leather cleaner won't work on ink..I use it to maintain all of my leather bags..Then follow up with the moisturizer...All my babies get 'baths' regularly..Even ones I haven't used in a while..I don't want the leather to dry out...Yeah..Try the majic eraser..I have good luck with it..Just be careful..I am not sure if it will take some of the luster/color out of the white leather...Where is the ink mark located??

    I wouldn't always take what the SA's at Coach say for God's truth either..I bought a red pair of gloves in Dec to match a MJ bag I have..They are very soft lambskin leather....Well it's winter heare & they get fugly...I asked the girls there and they didn't know how to clean them..So I went home and put them on one by one: I massaged/rubbed Coach moisturizer into the glove with my other bare hand..fingers..back of hand..the whole boogie..Of course I was nervous but I figured if I ruined them I would have to search for a more durable red leather glove & I'd just have to suck it up...The leather got very dark...but I rubbed the lotion in evenly on both gloves, one at a time..left them over night...They were like new the next am!! The red leather was smooth, even and all the crud from Winter wear was gone..I again put them on, one by one and buffed themout..They are now very carefully wrapped and with my red MJ blake waiting to be (lovingly) worn!! So my point is to use all of your resources..The ladies here are brilliant, call your local leather repair shop etc....Good luck!! Please let me know how it came out..I bought the lg braided hobo last summer in 'bone' and would be interested in the outcome....Keep me posted!!!!! :heart: Emmy