How to sell a LV Denim Patchwork speedy???

  1. Ok, I really need some help! I bought the Suhali Lockit this weekend but in order to do so, I had to promise my DH that I would sell my LV Denim patchwork speedy. I'm ok with this but I'm worried to sell it on eBay. I don't want to get scammed! I've sold a lot of stuff on eBay and haven't had any troubles but the more I read, the more I worry. Can anyone give me some good pointers? Also, what is a good/fair price. I only carried the handbag a few time and I still have all the paperwork, box, receipt...... Any pointers would be very appreciated!!! TIA!!!
  2. I am not a huge eBay seller, but I've learned a great deal from this forum which I've taken a note of for possible future sales.

    Listing Issues
    1. Take as many clear photos as you can. The more photos you have that show the actual condition of the bag, the less you'll have a problem down the road w/ a buyer claiming "significantly not as described" (SNAD) claim. Make sure you watermark your photos to prevent others from copying your list.
    2. Since your bag is a high ticket item, block bidders w/ negative or 0 feedback. If you want to allow them to bid, I would write that they contact you before trying to bid so you can manually allow 0/negative fb member based on your judgment.
    3. Make sure to either put a reserve or start at the price you would not mind letting it go for. You could also do BIN. The reason I suggest this is because I am not sure if there is a huge demand for denim patchwork speedy. You can ask folks at Louis Vuitton, but personally, I don't see a fierce bidding war going on with the bag. But it could be a HG bag for some and they wouldn't mind paying a high price on it.

    That's all I can think of regarding listing an item.

    Sending the Item
    1. Try to use a good shipping method. Don't bend over backwards to save the buyers w/ shipping fee by sending it w/ first class mail, etc. Use a secure method, period, be it USPS, UPS, Fedex, whatever it may be. Definitely use insurance with signature confirmation.

    2. Use a security tag. If you do a search on "security tag" or "security lock" you'll find a bunch of information. The purpose of security tag is to prevent bait & switch. Buyer can examine/get the bag authenticated while the tag/lock is still intact. If the buyer determines that bag is fine and she will keep it, she will cut off the tag or get the combo # from you. After that, there is no refund or return.

    3. Document your shipping process. Take photos of how you packed it, etc. Keep all the receipts. The new scam nowadays seems to be the buyer claiming the box was empty or that it was filled with a wrong item. I haven't done this or seen anyone do it, but I was thinking perhaps when you go to the post office, you put the item in and seal it in front of the post office worker. You can then write down the date & the weight of the package and the name of the post office worker if possible. I know legally this has no "witness" power, but better than nothing at all.

    4. Also, try to send the item to a "confirmed address." Do not give in to a buyer asking you to ship it to a different address, etc. It's just not very safe, IMO.

    That's all I can think of regarding sending the item.

    Always ask questions here if you are in doubt, the folks here know SO MUCH and very helpful.

    Oh, and as far as the "fair price" goes, I would try to find the same bag on ebay w/ the similar condition and see how much it goes for. You can also ask Louis Vuitton folks for more insight on this.

    Good luck.
  3. Thank you lv_forever. How do you watermark a photo? Also, is there some kind of way to "mark" my bag so they can't do a bait and switch. I'm starting to wonder if it's worth it to sell it......
  4. The way I watermark my items is either by writing my username on a piece of paper and including it in the picture when I take it, or by editing my photos using the paint program and using the textbox to write my name in the pic. I make sure to have my name shown somewhere on the middle of the item, or at least covering part of the bag just so if anyone was to copy my pictures, they can't crop out my name.

    As for security tags, I bought some Tyvek wristbands on ebay (like the kind you would get for admission to an adventure park). I also went to and ordered a custom stamp made with my username on it. It was free. only had to pay shipping.

    I don't include the security tag in the picture but I do mention in the auction that a security tag will be sent on the bag. I stamp my username on the wristband and I attach it to the item so it can't be used (or opened if it is a purse) unless the security tag is removed. Also make sure to mention you will not give refunds once the security tag is removed.
  5. I would be scared to package such an expensive item at the post office. Aren't there stories where mail carriers take packages?

    I'm also selling my first bag on ebay, my listing ends tomorrow, and I have to figure out how I'm going to ship it also.

  6. I package my items at home. offers free boxes and free shipping as well. You can get all different sizes. Even labels too. It takes about a week or so for delivery though. Do you have any empty boxes laying around that it will fit in?
  7. I'd say with Priority Mail using their box, it will take 2-3 days. You should definitely get insurance and/or tracking/delivery confirmation in case of anything.
  8. i think you should use some kind of security locks with a code. If they agree to keeping it, then you will email them the pw. I actually got this idea from a forum member on here. I think this is an EXCELLENT idea and it saves you so much hassle.
  9. I meant it takes about a week or so for them to deliver the boxes to my house once my order is placed on The post offices don't carry all sizes of priority mail boxes so I like to keep them on hand, especially so I can package my items privately.
  10. Does USPS offer tracking/insurance?

    I'm getting ready to package the bag in a just a random box. I think I'm going with UPS this time.

    I'm using the theme park wristbands as a security tag, also an idea from a tpf member. I'm also thinking of putting a unique sticker or stamp from work since they can't get that anywhere else. Once they take off the wristband, no way of putting it back on!

    I made a mistake of ending my auction to early in the morning (west coast) it ends in one hour! (8:40AM!)
  11. Wow! Thanks for all the info.. After reading all the horor stories I had decided that I wasn't going to take the risk of selling it on ebay. But, with all this info. I'm feeling better. I think I'm going to give it a try..... Thanks again!!
  12. USPS doesn't offer tracking but they do offer delivery confirmation.
  13. I had to sell two LV totes recently and I put in my action that they would be shipped Fedex Ground with insurance. It's cheeper than priority and you get a tracking number. I bought these plastic things at staples that I "tied" around the bag in three places. They can't be undetached without being cut. Once they are cut no returns.
  14. Well, they offer "tracking" but it isn't real-time like UPS or FedEx. If you check your package it will give you the latest info (scanned, procesed through original post office, arrived at delivery post office, and then delivered). Now, if it is a fast package you may not see these stages and I must admit I don't always see them, but I have occasionally in the past (can't remember if it is only for express of priority as well). However, once it updates to the next "stage" you no longer see the previous so it is pretty much useless.
  15. I absolutely prefer to use UPS, they automatically insure your first $100.00/package. With stated value, they only tack on a few dollars to the total shipping price.

    UPS Ground is very reasonable. USPS tracking is a JOKE. I cringe whenever I make a purchase on eBay. It feels like it takes forever for the USPS website to even recognize a tracking number. By the time it even registers the number, the package is already at my PO Box. LOL.