How to retract a bid?

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  1. has anyone ever done this before? My step-daughter bid on a Gucci bag and we are thinking she might want to retract her bid due to not being certain of authenticity. Is it hard to do? Is there just a little button somewhere?
  2. Having second thoughts? Sorry you couldn't figure out the authenticity of that bag... good luck to you!

    You should be able to retract if you state that it was a incorrect bid amount entered and it is more than 24 hours before the auction ends....
  3. The seller can report you for an invalid retraction, since there is not a reason to retract according to ebays retracting guidelines. Ebay could suspend your account for atleast 30 days.
  4. Recently, I won a bid only to find out from this forum that the item was not authentic. Seller had guaranteed authenticity. I messaged the seller and she agreed to put up a notice to cancel the sale. Perhaps you can message the seller about your concerns?

  5. I retracted a bid, when I was a newbie (I accidently entered the wrong amount, if I remember correctly) and nothing happened to me. :shrugs:

    I think if you did it repeatedly, it would probably be a different story, though.
  6. Retract if you need to. There's almost never a suspension for it. People have retracted bids from me and I've never reported them, boy that'd insure they'd never shop w/ me again, yes!?
  7. OK-thanks ladies. It's not for a huge amount of money, but, we can't figure out if the bag is authentic or not and the person with the auction has not answered any emails for extra pictures or if they would refund the money if the bag was proved not authentic with a Gucci store.

    also-and maybe this is just my paranoia from reading so much on here about accounts being hijacked-but, this person has not used their account in 2 years. and now they are selling 2 authentic gucci's-the whole thing just makes me leery-ya know?
  8. Retract your bid and don't worry about it.
  9. if the seller reports you, you will get slapped by ebay. Most sellers don't know it's a reportable offense.
  10. Well-we are going to retract her bid. This seller has not responded to any emails or questions at all-they also like I said, have not used their eBay account in 2 years and now pop up with 2 Guccis. And, I just noticed that their auction says check or money order ONLy. No Paypal. So, now I am very suspicious and she is definitely retracting her bid.

    Thanks for the info ladies!
  11. i think most sellers do know you can report it.

    if you need to retract then retract but i would email the seller and let them know why- i just think it's the nice thing to do.

    i had someone bid on something last night. i had forgotten to put measurements in the listing so i added then at the end with fabric content etc. she retracted in the middle of the night. i know the measurements were not there so i don't blame her if that's why but she gave the reason as i put in the wrong amount. the auction started at 9.99 and she put in 11.01. what wrong amount could it have been?

    it p'ed me off.
  12. Well-considering that she has emailed this seller 4 times already and has not gotten a response, I personally don't see why she has to be the nice one and email them to say she is retracting her bid because she is suspicious. But, I guess I am just annoyed at some of the people who sell on eBay and ignore their buyers-i know I don't do that and i don't see why anyone else does. But, I will tell her to write to them first and let them know
  13. if they never answered then there's no reason. i'm just saying in general.
  14. well if the seller hasn't communicated back, then you do have the option to retract.