How to remove gum from under my LV shoe?!

  1. I just noticed that there's a small piece of gum stuck under my brand new LV shoes! :sad:

    What should I do to remove it? I read the care booklet but it doesn't mention what to do in this kind of situation lol.

  2. to remove gum I think you put it in the freezer but maybe not your shoe how about putting an ice pack on it until it goes hard and maybe you can chip it off
  3. Yes, they say ice will take gum off of anything.
  4. Do you live in the states?
    There's an item that removes gummy sticky residues called , "undu".
    It works great, but it mostly on hard surfaces....
  5. oh I'm from Canada. I'm not sure if we have that here. I'll try the ice thing first though. Hopefully it works!
  6. If ice does not work. Try Goof Off. I checked the Home Depot Canada website and it's available for $7.95. Please read the instructions carefull since I cannot vouch for this product. GoodLVck!
  7. Try lestoil!!! I got gum ON TOP of my shoe and it worked great!