How to re list an item as BIN without upsetting offers made when it was a BIN BO

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  1. #1 Mar 22, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2014

    This is such a great forum!! It's really good to be able to get practical advice from people who have so much experience.

    I currently have a BIN with BO listing that will close in about 6 hours. The best offer I have gotten was about $300 off what I wanted, and the offerer has said 'we'll leave it up to fate etc to see if you get a better offer' and just now messaged me to say, 'I see your listing finishes soon, my offer still stands tonight'.

    I appreciate the offer, however I was planning on re listing the item if it doesn't sell closer to my BIN, with either:
    1. The current BIN with no BO
    2. A slightly higher BIN with best offer option. My current BIN is already very reasonable but I am considering adding a bit more onto it to make it 50% RRP to allow haggling as part of the BO process
    3. A BIN with no BO option but a tiny bit less than the current BIN (there are quite a few watchers and there have been a few enquiries maybe this could help people bite).

    My concerns are:

    How do I break it to this offerer, when the listing was a BIN best offer and I choose not to take the best offer? The buyer is clearly watching the listing thinking if no one else bites they will be in a pretty good position as to be the 'best offer'. I worry they will be upset with me.


    Should I target my listing that there will be brand new eyes, so do either a slightly higher price with BiN BO (allowing more room to negotiate) or the current BiN with no BO


    Assume the eyes will be the same and drop my price slightly to encourage action.

    In all honesty the BIN price is really well priced currently, I'm just trying to get into the head of the buyers as to why they would watch and inquire but not make an offer!!
  2. You don't have to break anything to the offerer - their offer is too low, and you're under no obligation to accept less than you feel appropriate, nor explain anything to them if you relist your item as a BIN (no matter what price you list at).

    If it were me, I would just relist with a BIN price that you're comfortable with and then see if it sells.
  3. Even if you relist with BIN/BO, you can accept or reject any offers you aren't willing to accept of from any buyers you aren't comfortable with.

    And since listing is free, it costs you nothing to relist over and over if it doesn't sell or if you don't get what you consider an acceptable offer.

    If it were my listing, I think I might block this buyer. From experience, I've found that often, they'll end up buying for more than they wanted to pay (because they want the item). Then they find problems and issues and try to negotiate a partial refund to bring the price down to what they originally wanted to pay.
  4. Thank you for the replies. Yes, I'm just going to re list as the offer was not high enough.
  5. This!!!! I just had a buyer buy my item after a series of low ball offers then instantly open a claim to get money back due to "damage" that never existed, when PayPal told them to return the item they never did, it was so obvious that that was there intention. Block them immediately and save yourself fighting with paypal for 3 months as I just did
  6. I've had this too. Tried to strike a deal with me, then paid full price and claimed there was a hole. Sent me a grainy picture of the 'hole'

    I now block anyone who makes an unsolicited offer. I never use best offer on my listings but still receive countless unsolicited offers.

  7. very good advice!!:tup: