how to protect caviar classic flap???

  1. I think I read one post saying that some chanel SAs recommend the vectra spray to protect the bag? What do u do the protect it from stains and to remove stains? thanks!
  2. Honestly caviar leather is so durable that I really dont think you think to spray anything on it to protect it. After a couple uses, wipe it down with a baby wipe and you're good to go.
  3. ^ I have heard the same as Mello Yello! :yes: Because it is durable you do not need much to keep it clean
  4. but mine is white n I'm afraid i'll stain it... mello yello was your chanel flap in white?
  5. i have a white caviar east west and i didn't treat it. it did get a little gray smudge on it once, but i just wiped it off with a damp towel. i wouldn't worry too much. the caviar leather is really great.
  6. I dont have a white classic flap but I do have a white caviar petite shopping tote and it's still as white as when I first got it :nuts: I wipe it down with a baby wipe after every use though, sparkly clean!
  7. do you use/not use any type of wipe? or maybe no wipes containing alcohol. just wondering, thanks!
  8. What about lambskin? Is there anything I should do to protect my lambskin Kelly?
  9. ilikepenguins - I use baby wipes. I would guess that any type of wipes with the contents that baby wipes have would be fine, I've even used those lysol wipes before and it didnt do any damage on the caviar or the color.

    jag - sorry, I'm clueless about how to protect lambskin :sad:
  10. I have white caviar.. just don't use it against dark cloth in summer time since it will stain slightly with time.. i only use mine when i wear white tshirt, or white jacket with jeans.. it looks perfect for the outfit!

    jag.. the problem with lambskin that it scratches easily.. i had one in classic flap and it used to scratch when it rubs against belt or any jeans button on the side, etc.. I never herd of away to protect it.. my SA always recommend lambskin to me "more luxurious than any leather chanel made"!!
  11. Thank you Mello_yello_jen and PL!!! I appreciate any input!
  12. thanks for the inputs! cant wait to use mine
  13. To protect lambskin, I send my bag to Chanel and get it cleaned. They spray it with a protectant hehe ;)

    The caviar protects itself. Soooo just let it be
  14. in between Chanel cleans you can use leather conditioner on it - I recommend Lexol - it's easy to find - gentle and won't stain your leather. I use it on shoes and purses for the leathers that are more fragile.
  15. I love my caviar flap for the sole reason that it is soo durable and easy to keep clean! The only thing I worry about is the leather that is interwoven in the chain handle.