How to prevent premature aging......

  1. I have been worried for sometime about premature aging (lol i know worrying is also a cause). I am only 21, but I know now is the time to try to prevent premature aging from happening. When I do age, I want to look fresh, and good for my age. I also don't want anyone to think I am older than I actually am!!!

    So does anyone know any tips on how to keep the wrinkles away, and how to prevent premature aging? I know stress is a big cause, as well as tanning ( i do not do this because of my fear). As a preventative step, I put a lifting creme around my eyes every night before bed...does this actually work?

    I suppose I could always get botox when I'm older, but I want to try to prevent this.

    Any tips?

    Thanks, I appreciate your attention!!!!:yes:
  2. don't smoke, eat right, sleep well, exercise, and don't stress yourself over aging. :smile:
  3. Sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen! :supacool:

    And I agree with rickyv as well. You might also want to not over do it with alcohol consumption.
  4. Don't smoke, don't drink.
    Sunscreen is essential.
    Eat loads of omega-3 rich foods like salmon, tuna, etc.
    Eat loads of pomegranate seeds and unsalted nuts for oils and to prevent aging.
    Use eye cream.
    Always wear moisturizer out of the house. ALWAYS.
    Use anti-aging creams/lotion, firming as well...

    Drink loads of water!!!
  5. the consensus among the people who look good well past their forties seems to be water, green vegables, no smoking, drinking in moderation (if at all), and and active life.
  6. Sounds silly, but works:
    Always wear hats with nice big brims, sunscreen (SPF 15 and up!), big sunglasses, drink plenty of water, get plenty of exercise, eat a balanced diet, don't stress!
  7. Thanks everyone!
  8. Stay OUT of the sun!!! Do not sun bathe!!! Sun exposure causes cumulative, irreversible cell/skin damage. So have a hat, sunglasses and a longsleeves shirt handy (I keep mine in my car.)

    Applying and an SPF of 15 or higher ONCE a day Will NOT do you any good! It has to be reapplied if you plan on exposing your body to the sun all day.

    As you can see, I'm anti-sun, ever since I can remember. My sister is in her 20's and looks older than me (I'm in my 30's.)
  9. LOL. My sister and I are both in our 20s but she is three years younger than me. She goes to the tanning bed a bunch of times per week and never uses sunscreen when she is outside. I am very careful about sun protection and even wear sunblock in the winter. I cannot wait for the day when I am all wrinkle free, and she looks like a prune. :devil: :lol:
  10. yes, that is what I'm worried about...being 21 and looking, I'm impressed! Looking younger than your sister? You must really take care of your skin, that is what I try to do, and I haven't sun-bathed since highschool, and I NEVER would use a tanning bed. That is what I want--to look awesome for my age, maybe even younger!!!;) I guess I have to work on my diet and then I should be good.

    Thanks for the tips everyone! Pomegranate seeds actually help your skin? I knew they were good for your heart, but I didn't know this! I guess your health and appearance are always tied together...I should know this.
  11. I say that the secret to looking younger feeling younger....through myself lots of attention and having alot of fun along with a few products....

    La mer and Oil of olay......:yes:
  12. UVA/UVB sunscreen, wearing hats & sunglasses whenever possible, eating healthy & good genes :smile:
  13. Oil of Olay works very well for me...I use the overnight lifting creme on my eyes because I'm so afraid of them sagging when I get older.

    I love to give my appearance attention. I like looking nice. I just hope it's also in my genes to age gracefully!

    These are all great tips!!!
  14. Sunscreen and drink lots of water. I use a moisturizer with sunscreen, foundation with sunscreen and hand lotion with it too. Every. Single. Day. Yes, even in cloudy Seattle I can get burned. I wear sunglasses on cloudy days too so I don't squint.

    All this has REALLY paid off for me if I do say so myself...I often get mistaken for about 7-8 years younger than I am.
  15. ^^^wow, good for you! my foundation also has sunscreen in it, but I should use sunscreen more don't always think about it on cloudy days..

    I often get mistaken for a Highschool student now, but I am only 21 and I'm worried about the future. I find that if I keep w/ my skin care I should be ok.