How to minimize scratches/stains on vachetta

  1. Hi girls, i would like to know how can I minimize some little scratches/stains on my Trouville vachetta..nothing clearly visible, but it is boring to me, because i'd like a bag completely unexceptionable:P
    I know a lot of patina covers some failing, but, is there something else I can do? thanks!:flowers:
  2. There is hardly any thing you can do to minimize the scratches on the vachetta, But some girls love the Shining Monkey spray, I dont use anything on the vachetta because my louis vuitton sales lady told me it was not good for the vachetta.
  3. ok this is what my friend did to her speedy and it really did work

    she boiled water in a pot and held the handles above it and the sweat from her hands, she lightly rubbed the handles, and the sweat from her hands evened out the patina on the handles and it looked nice. however it did turn out tht the handles became dry and through use it looks so good and glossy and her bag is absolutely gorgeous!!
  4. ohh thanks so much for the tip, sophia!
  5. no problem, it worked wonderfully for my friend, i hope it does the same for you if you indeed try it!!

  6. That is so cool thank you, Sophia.
  7. no problem, after one month of boiling it and using it constantly the handles have become softer and no longer has that sry feeling!!
  8. Wow...that's alot of work...and wasn't yor friend afraid that the heat might split the handles?

    I use AG Stain and Rain Repellent. So far so good.
    However I find that whatever you use there's nothing you can do against the dirt and occasional spots. Unless of course you wear gloves ;)

    I'm about to use AG Leather Cleaner on my Speedy's handle...I don't want to as I know it makes it a bit darker but as they are new handles they have gotten a bit dirty and I don't like to see it like that...I rather it get dark then.

    Oh, also, I used a plain white pencil eraser on my Alma's handles also to remove some dirt and it worked great. No issues about stripping the leather since it's just a regular eraser.
  9. actually my friend kept it far up, far from the pot

    so it took maybe 10 minutes and the steam would cause her hands to sweat and it would even out the patina (though it does patina the bag a bit)
  10. Wow thats very interesting. I'll have to try that.