How to keep shoes pristine?

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  1. I love looking at everyone's beautiful, high-end shoes on this site! I've noticed that mostly everyone's shoes look absolutely brand new. Now, this may be because people only post photos of shoes the first time they wear them, so there is no wear-and-tear visible. However, it seems to me that I am harder than average on my poor shoes, and they start looking worn after just a few lengthy wears. For instance, they often get scuffed, or the leather on the toe becomes jagged and worn down from repeated tripping/toe stubbing (uneven city sidewalks are my nemesis). Other than not being such a clutz, does anyone have advice for how to keep my high-end shoes in more pristine condition for longer?
  2. Are you talking about heels or flats? For heels, I always get "crescents" or "tips" added on the bottom of my heels when they are brand new (before wearing). This prevents the toes from getting scuffed or the leather to shred etc. Hope this helps.
  3. That's a great idea! My problem is mainly with flats; the leather shreds on the toe or they just generally look dirty, which amazes me because I don't do any heavy duty walking or "off roading" in nice shoes! I can't figure out why they take such a beating.

  4. +1.. I also put tips on the toe part because the city is so full of stuff (dirt, pebbles, etc)& I want to keep my shoes look
    as good as they can be. I am harder on my flats & find they need to be re-heeled to keep looking good & polished
  5. What exactly are the tips you put on the toe part of your shoes? I'm not sure I've heard of these, and they sound like they could be exactly what I need. Would you mind posting a picture?

  6. I can't post a picture unfortunately but it is a piece of leather that covers the tip of the shoe.
    It starts mid sole & goes all the way to the tip of the shoe & this works for me

    I use Empire Shoe Repair in Manhattan & they do it there for me.
  7. You could use leather care products to maintain and prolong your shoes! If there are scuffs, get a repair cream and patch the area, and give your shoes a good polish ;)

    I use Saphir products for my own leather goods.
  8. I only wear my shoes indoors. If I have to be outside, like walking to the bus/cable car or running errands, I change into a pair of tennis shoes (during the work week).
  9. So I'm new to designer shoes. I just bought a pair of fendi flats which already have the tips you're talking about. It's pretty magical that I didn't need to take them to a cobbler for that. It would be great if other designers did the same.
  10. I condition my shoes with Leather Honey and paint the back of heels with clear nail polish to prevent shredding.
  11. Shoes aren't meant to be pristine; they are utilitarian items despite how pretty or delicate they may be. I try to not wear say suede in the rain, and I wipe shoes clean before putting them away, but other than that, I don't do anything. I just wear the shoes, enjoy them, and try not to step in puddles or get stepped on.
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  12. Honestly, I'm happy if i wear a pair of shoes out, that's when I feel I've got my money's worth ha ha. You can extend the life of good shoes but you can't keep them pristine.

    To prolong their life (I used to work for a master cobbler as a Sat girl) :

    Perhaps protect leather soles with (some traditionalists are not in favour of this at all) or buy in a place where they'll resole for free/nominal fee
    Spray suede shoes
    Brush shoes to clean and use clear leather fat/creme without chemicals
    Buy a good shoe brush kit and use it
    Use leather insoles
    Use shoe trees
    Use dust-bags
    Have a few pairs of shoes in rotation so that shoes get a chance to dry
    Stuff inside of shoes with news paper at the end of the day to absorb all perspiration or when raining
    Never dry shoes in front of a fire/radiator/wood burner etc)
    Use galoshes in the pouring rain
    Don't keep shoes too long in a cold/hot damp place (like the laundry room or porch)
    Be careful walking downstairs (scraping heels)
    Add a metal tab on fronts and back of wooden sole/heel shoes
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  13. Check your size again, perhaps shoes need to be wider, longer or you have a high/low instep that alters the upper. Also designer doesn't always mean durable, sometimes they're made from finer more supple leathers and delicate materials
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  14. I only did this with soaking wet shoes when raining.
    But it sounds like a good idea, to stuff them on dry days, too.
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  15. Do you keep the shoes at your workplace or do you bring them in a purse?
    I would love to hear more about the everyday shoe-management. The effort is the reason why I can't stick to this routine. I would love switch shoes at work, too.