How to handle a poster who is always rude to you?

  1. Not on this board, but another board I frequent, there are a lot of members, but really only a core of frequent posters. I belonged to this group for 2 years and left last year because of this particular poster (and then other things too). Well, I just recently came back and immediately, this same poster is rude.

    EVERYONE else says how friend this person is and this probably is true if you are on the "right side" of him/her... but if you ever go against he/she says, you are forever "attacked" in subtle ways.

    I'm trying to ignore it, but it hurts. Do I kill this person with kindness and hope it stops? Ignore this person (though they don't seem to ignore me) or do I just leave the forum and say it's not worth it. I've tried talking with this person before and was just attacked more...

    For what it's worth a LOT of other posters have commented to me in private email last year that they noticed I was being treated poorly and then LOTS of people said I was one of their favorite posters and always felt that I wrote thoughtful responses and just seemed to have a lot of useful info to share.... (I tend to research things a lot). But, obviously, I rub some people the wrong way, but why do people then just act like 3rd graders and attack whenever they see a chance? I hate it!!

    What do I do?
  2. Oh that sucks. How are the mods in that forum? Will they take it seriously if you put out the issue for them?
  3. Unfortunately, there is a click of "three" and two of them are the moderators of the board. They defend each other and piggy back on the being rude stuff. I'm not the only one who notices it, but I seem to be the "brunt" of the attacks. Probably because I did try to step in a couple times when I felt they were being hurtful to others... look where that got me? On the Z list! LOL

    I like the group though for everyone else and all the info out there... there's not another place like it.
  4. Maybe there is a way to block them? I would check with the administrators here.
  5. ^Is there no way to report this poster to the mods of the other forum?
  6. Tried that before... nothing happened. Remember, they are a trio and they don't say anything to their friends.

    It's so frustrating!!!!
  7. If it upsets you so much, I would just quit visiting that forum. Nobody wants to feel attacked and have rude comments directed at them. I'm sure it just ruins your day. I would feel the same way. If it were me, I would stop logging on!
  8. What kind of board is this?

    The only thing I can think of is PMing that person to ask what his/her problem with you is. Also, is there an ignore feature?
  9. I don't want to say more in case there are others there and here. It's a simple board and no, you cannot block posts. And yes, i've PMed this person before and basically was told they didn't like me because I talked too much and must be a terrible mother because I spend too much time online... nice, huh? Needless to say, this person is on a LOT too.

    I will stay away for the most part, but it's useful info for me too that I can't get elsewhere... plus... I really like some of these people! I guess I'll just be a mostly lurker.
  10. If you give the forum name, I will join and then we can gang up on them!!

    I hate women who act like 3 yr olds. Unfortunately, this is something we will deal with forever.

    Stand your ground and just don't acknowledge them....
  11. I have a problem like that. I've tried being nice, I've done everything I can, and this woman is STILL a :cursing: so I've given up and I just ignore her. If you don't give them any ammo, they'll go away.
  12. I always thought that type of mean girls' behavior would stop after junior high, and then after high school, and then college. But it still continues, and I'm still waiting for people to grow up... :smile: I've enjoyed your posts, berry, and I'm sure you're a great mom!
  13. berryblondeboys, you've always been nothing but helpful and nice on PF, and I'm sure you are on this other forum... I don't understand why anyone would be mean to you. There will always be jerks in this world, however!
  14. The ignore feature usually works well for me :tup:

    Edit: I just saw you can't block posts. I still don't understand the need for people to treat the Internet and message boards as if it were high school. Just ignore him as much as possible. Sounds like a real jerk!
  15. Ignore them and skip over their posts, I guess. There are posters who annoy me sometimes - if so I'll tell them why they annoy me and ignore them thereafter. Makes life easier.