How to handle a non-paying bidder?

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  1. I am a brand new seller on Ebay and requested payment within 48 hours of the auction close.

    At close I sent the Paypal invoice plus an email congratulating the winner and restated payment terms. Since then I sent one reminder. There has been NO communication on her side of any kind.

    How do you handle a non-paying bidder?

    And how soon can I claim a non-payer with Ebay?

    And should I relist right away?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. How long ago did it end?

    You can file NPB 7 days after the auction has ended. I would wait until that is done before relisting or offering a second chance offer, if applicable.
  3. I personally think that asking a buyer to pay within 48 hours isn't enough time. In the end, it doesn't matter that you've requested 48 hours because eBay allows the buyer a full 7 days to pay before you can file a non paying bidder alert.

    Don't relist right away -- you don't want to incur the fees in case your buyer pays. Plus if you wait in the case that your buyer doesn't pay, then eBay will allow you to list without incurring additional fees.

    What does your buyer look like? How is her bidding and paying history? If she looks good, I would give her some more time. If she's a zero feedback bidder, then keep your eye on her.
  4. i send them an invoice every day and then send them a payment reminder on the seventh day. After the seventh day, I post a neg. to their FB and file a NPB form to recoup my losses. Occasionally they'll get freaked by the neg and pay immediately. But it's too late for them. Then I have to wait 7 more days until I can close the dipute so that the NPB gets a final value strike. I always make sure they get a NPB. If they are careless and just bid and then have buyer's remorse thats not my fault and if they continue this type of behavior they should get what they deserve and be kicked off ebay. I HATE NPB's
  5. Oh- it's the weekend. Some people don't complete payment for a few days because they're busy enjoying their weekend. Don't freak out after only 48 hours.
  6. The only reason you might want to wait to leave a neg is because they can neg you back. If you file NPB and they don't respond, you can safely leave them a neg because if they neg you back eBay will remove it and it won't affect your overall score. (Their posting will remain, though.)
  7. Out of sheer curiousity, do the buyers neg you back?
  8. YOUCH!!! Why do it that way? As someone already posted if you file the NPB and they don't respond you can neg without retaliation......
  9. Thanks for the comments, everyone. I find it frustrating that folks bid and give little thought to actually paying the seller and getting their item.

    Sigh. I had read of things like this here but until it happens to you...

    Live and learn.
  10. Frustrating I know, but tend to agree with the majority that 48 hours is not that long and Ebay won't consider anyone a NPB until 7 days have passed. You can then open a NPB dispute - Ebay will send a reminder and you can 'talk' to your buyer through the console. The buyer has a further 7 days in which to pay after which he/she will receive a strike. I have only (touch wood) had this once in my Ebay career, but I do remember how maddening it was waiting when I had a bad feeling about the buyer, but them's the rules alas.
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