How to get rid of junk mail


Feb 14, 2006
I hate junk mails. I am sure a lot of you feel the same way.
I have been fighting against this and would like to share what I've been doing so far.

* * * Spam mail from credit cards companies * * *

I used to receive like 5 of them everyday, from almost everybody who offers a credit card. I used to just throw them into the recycling bin, until several months ago I opened up one of them and saw this line which says...

"Call this toll free number to remove your name from our contact database"

So I did. I followed a list of automatic steps so that they can locate me. Several days later, they mail me an agreement form, which said if I sign and return it, then I'll be free of junk mail for life. If I don't return it, I'll still be junk mail free for 5 years.

I have never received one of these credit card junkies since then. I don't remember what the toll free number is anymore. You should be able to find this from one of these mail though. So act now, open one up, find the number, and call today! Their phone is all automated so it doesn't matter when you call.