How to get gum of suade?

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  1. I recently bought a suade jacket, at the market and was so proud i haggled it down $30!!! lol but i was on the train the other day and some idiot stuck their gum on the back of the seat and I pushed my back on the big wad of gum i was sooo devo it was my 3rd time wearing the jacket! :crybaby: i went to the drycleanners and they asked $70 to clean it!!! its a friggin $110 jacket! thats almost 65% of the original price! i have no idea how to remove it and its all dried up!? help please!
  2. freeze the gum and it should flake/pick off. or you can spray hairspray on it and get it off then. those 2 methods are the best known to work. try those first and let us know. :smile: good luck!

    oh, and by 'freeze the gum' i meant you could get one of those airtight sealed cans of keyboard cleaner sprays and blast it with cold air, or you could literally put it in a bag and put it in the freezer.. i think hairspray works best though.
  3. Yes, both the freeze and hairspray come to mind. Maybe a leatherstore could help you with tips?
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