How to get cheekbones

  1. Hi guys, I know that obviously some people are born with really sharp cheekbones, but is there any way to cheat with make-up? :shrugs:

    I would love to try and get razor-sharp, knife-edge cheekbones, or as close as possible!! :yes:

    Anybody got any ideas? Thanks in advance!! :flowers:

    P.S. Some of you may think that I'm completely stupid because the last tread I started in this section was help on applying eyeliner, but these are the only two areas in which I have a problem - I can do the rest of my face with my eyes closed!!!
    If anybody needs any help with the eye area in partuclar, I'm here to help!!! :P
  2. In addition to applying my regular shade of blush up and over my cheekbones, I find it helpful to use a slightly darker shade of blush just along the underside of my cheekbones. I hope this helps! :smile:
  3. Contouring!

    Go to MAC and get the Matte Mineralize Skinfinish in a shade darker than your normal color, then ask them to contour for you =]
  4. Bronzer...