How to get a Birkin in Paris

  1. Hi All. Have never posted here before. My Mum and Dad have said that they'll buy me a Birkin:yahoo:.
    I've been into my local Hermes in the U.K. But, I think I'll probably stand a better chance of acquiring one in lovely Paris. So, for all of those who're more au fait with Hermes and Paris, can you offer me some advice. If I don't see my dream bag in Paris - can I order my bag in Paris and have it shipped to the UK? Also, are there specific times of the year when you can order Birkins in Paris?
    I'd appreciate all comments.
    P.S. I'm thinking of a Potiron Birkin or perhaps Black.
  2. Hi FunkyDiva,

    Welcome to the Hermes sub-forum. :flowers: I read from here that there's a shortage of birkins in Paris right now. Meanwhile, spend some time searching and reading the past posts. You'll get lotsa valuable information here.
  3. Hi FunkyDiva,

    I got 2 Birkins in Paris in 2003, a 30 Blue Jean Birkin GH and a 35 rouge Vif PH.
    My SA at the time was named Bertrand, and it was at the 24 Rue Faubourg store. My advice is for you to just drop by the store, perhaps buy a few this and that, and then, be nice to your SA and just chat. At first my SA said there's no Birkin available at the moment, but I just keep on chit chatting with him for about 45 mins! At the end, he told me to come back the next day because he might receive a new shipment. The next day, voila, he took out the 30 Blue Jean for me! What's funny, is that that same night, I met him while having dinner at my hotel at the Park Hyatt Vendome! He recognized me, and we chitchat some more, and I hinted to him about perhaps giving me another birkin. After some time, he told me to drop by the store again the next day. So I did, and that day he brought out the 35 Rouge Vif.

    I've never been back there since then... I've had my DD soon after that and haven't had the chance to take another trip to Paris... But my best wishes are with you! Just keep on trying and never give up! :smile:
  4. God luck with this one! I live in the UK too. I heard somehwere it's somehow easy to order Birkins from the Sloane St shop, though that was before they moved!