How to Fold a Tshirt -- Japanese style!

  1. that is awesome I did first time I LOVE IT!!!
  2. I do this all the time after my friend taught me how to do it, it took me ages to get it though!
  3. Wow that's awesome... I'm gonna try that right now lol
  4. my friend taught me..but i dont use the technique anymore.
  5. OMG that's soooo cool!
  6. wow I am going to have to try that since I get to take over laundry duties this summer!
  7. I tried...I ALMOST had it... :push:
  8. This is how my momma taught me to fold shirts and so it is nothing extraordinary over on this end :smile:
  9. This is so cool! It works! Now I need to show this skill off to my coworkers tomorrow!!!
  10. Awesome! I certainly need to learn this!
  11. I showed my aunt how to do this, now she folds her shirts like this all the time! :smile:
  12. Off to try this!
  13. I love it! :yes:
    Must try it later...
  14. This is so cool! I'm gonna try it tonight!