How to find out the fake bbag in a glance?

  1. I know it's a bit nosy... but I really want to know if my friends bbag is real or not.. I really don't want her to know that I's checking out her bag... I know how to tell the real/ fake by looking at the detail one by one, but how to find an easy sign that the bag is fake?
  2. The bales....if they are square it's a fake.
  3. What colour is her bag?
    What colour is the hardware?
  4. The metallic "tag" inside. If there are number ones and the "1" is like this, it's fake. It should be a straight line. :flowers:

  5. it's orange like rouille in city style.. I saw the bales too... but somehow it's round but it's appear to be bigger than the real one... I know there are fake bags in rouille, I saw one at ioffer... but it's really pissed me off if it's turned out to be fake.. the leather looks good.. not veiny at all...
  6. I want to check out my friends bag to find out if it's real or fake... so I think it's kind of rude to check out her inside tag.. :cool:
  7. Why don't you ask where she bought it from?
  8. brass or golden, I'm not sure...
  9. Tell her you really like it and ask if you can admire it so that you can pose with it and see if your stuff will fit in it - this will give you the opportunity to handle the bag and look at the details.
  10. yeah... I think I should do that next time :yes:
  11. I hope she's not a good friend. You don't seem to value her friendship much.

  12. agree with luilu. are you worried that she has a fake and doesn't know it? in which case shouldn't you tell her about your concerns? or that she has a fake and is pretending it's real - in which case it doesn't seem like a very good friendship...
  13. ^ It's not a close friend .. if it's a good friend, of course I'll ask her directly about the bag...
  14. I'm just curious how did you guys looking at other people's bbag & wondering whether is it a real one or not... since you guys are the expert... I need to learn how to spot the fake bbag...
  15. When she puts the bag down...does it "collapse" or does it sit up straight?